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7 Unique Types of Orchids to Grow Indoors

7 Unique Types of Orchids to Grow Indoors

Orchids are timeless flowers that many of us have incorporated into our home decor. But did you know there are actually dozens of different varieties of orchids? The classic Phalaenopsis Orchid will never do us wrong, bringing years of life and beautiful blossoms all while being notoriously easy to care for – but it’s not the only option!

If you’re looking to add a distinctive flower to your home, and don’t want to stray too far from your comfort zone, check out our top picks for unique orchids to grow indoors!

Oncidium Orchid

Also known as the Dancing Lady Orchid, the Oncidium boasts ruffled flowers that resemble a flowing skirt. We love this option because one of these orchids can produce dozens of blooms each fall and can easily be repotted to multiply your orchid decorations. Drainage is very important for this variety, so consider a bark-based potting soil to avoid root rot. You’ll want to make a schedule for watering this orchid because its needs vary widely based on the season. When it is growing and preparing to bloom, water will be needed roughly every other day; but during the winter months, this orchid will fall dormant and only needs water every other week!

Cymbidium Orchid

If you live in a colder region, the Cymbidium Orchid is a good option to consider as it is moderately tolerant of this type of climate. This variety blooms in the winter, which is great to help bring some life and color into your home during the dreary, snowy months. It’s important to note that even though Cymbidiums are more tolerant of low temperatures than other orchids, they shouldn't be left in freezing temperatures. Keeping them inside under a hanging LED grow light away from strong drafts should protect your plant just fine!

Jewel Orchid

Jewel Orchid from Our House Plants

The Jewel Orchid is very different from the others because although it does bloom attractive flowers, they are not the star of this show. Small, white flowers sprout straight upward from the beautiful foliage: these wide, dark green leaves display white pinstripes, making for an intriguing contrast. Jewel Orchids live for years on end and grow rather quickly during warm months, making them a perfect plant to propagate. With the purchase of one Jewel Orchid, you can have several wide, bountiful orchids in just a few years.

Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya Orchid Photo Via Smithsonian Gardens

Cattleya Orchids only bloom once per year, but that one bloom is well worth the wait! This variety can thrive outdoors during the warmer months and is very easy to care for, so it is great for beginners or busy plant parents. Cattleyas only need to be repotted roughly every other year and just need weekly watering, making them a relatively low-attention flower. Make sure you keep this plant out of cold temperatures and away from drafty doors and windows during the winter months because they don’t fare well in the cold!

Epidendrum Orchids

Epidendrum Orchid Photo Via American Orchid Society

Not only are Epidendrum Orchids easy to care for, but they produce several colorful blooms over a single season! In nature, they grow around trees or on cliffs, meaning they have adapted to need very little nutrients to thrive. These plants sprout small, bright flowers in bunches, differing from many typical orchid varieties. Since they enjoy being pot bound, you’ll rarely have to worry about repotting or moving this orchid – when they find a place they like, they want to stay. Epidendrum Orchids add delicate decor to your indoor space!

Coelogyne Cristata Orchid

Coelogyne Cristata Orchid from Wikipedia

Compared to the other orchids we have covered so far, the Coelogyne Cristata Orchid is visibly unique. With white, ruffled, drooping petals and bright gold spikes in the centers, there is no doubt this orchid will spark curious conversations with house guests. Each winter, this orchid needs about 6 weeks to rest and then will immediately start blooming through the spring. Although Coelogyne Cristata Orchids aren’t always the easiest plant to care for (make sure to research specific watering techniques), they are truly unlike any other flowering houseplant you’ll find.

Laelia Orchid

Laelia Orchid Photo Via Wikipedia

The perfect windowsill plant, Laelia Orchids are easy to grow and are a beautiful way to bring nature indoors. You can expect blooms during the fall and winter, producing anywhere from 2-12 flowers depending on the hybrid or variety. They prefer standard humidity, indirect sunlight, minimal fertilizer, and just enough water to keep them hydrated. If you can maintain these desired conditions, you can expect your Laelia Orchid to bloom every fall for years to come.