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Best Growlights For Indoor Plants

Best Growlights For Indoor Plants

Sometimes the toughest part about having houseplants is creating an environment for them to thrive. Worrying about your plants getting proper sun exposure can be difficult, but growlights are a simple solution! There are so many options for indoor lighting. Here's the place to begin in your search for the best growlights for indoor plants.

How Growlights Work

Growlights mimic the sun’s photosynthetic spectrum and provide plants with artificial sunlight. Growlights are different from standard light bulbs because traditional bulbs do not emit the particular wavelengths of light that plants use to create energy. Plants use blue, red, and green light for photosynthesis. Many LED full-spectrum lights have peaks in these wavelengths that correspond with important functions and aspects of plants, such as Chlorophyll A and B, Chlorophyll Synthesis, Carotenoids, Carotene, and far-red Phytochromes. Blue, red, and green light must work in combination for a growlight to render the best reaction from a plant. Blue and red light are the most efficient for promoting photosynthesis, but green light is also important for driving CO2 fixation on the lower side of leaves. Full-spectrum white growlights provide all three hues in the appealing white color we are accustomed to seeing in our homes. This allows for a natural integration of growlights into home decor!
best growlights for indoor plants Large White Aspect™, via @thepineappleestate
To learn more about the mechanics of photosynthesis and hear some recommendations for growlights, check out Gardening Under Lights: The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers.

Types of Growlights

Popular grow light choices include:
  • Fluorescent lights
  • HID, MH, and HPS lights
  • Red/ blue LEDs
  • White, full-spectrum LEDs

Fluorescent Growlights

Fluorescent lights are useful for all indoor plants but most popular for small plants and seedlings. Fluorescent bulbs are fairly cheap to purchase but tend to have a short lifespan, meaning that you will make repeat purchases to maintain this growlight. Fluorescents are very effective for growing leafy greens and plants in their vegetative stages but are less fitting for encouraging flowers and fruit growth. best growlights for indoor plants

Fluorescent Lights by Adam King


  • Low initial cost
  • Available in all sizes Short lifespan


  • Short lifespan
  • High power consumption
  • Undesirable aesthetic appearance

HID, Metal Halide, and HPS Growlights

High-intensity discharge lights (HID) such as Metal-Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights are typically used in large commercial grow operations. These bulbs use the most electricity and produce the greatest amounts of light and heat, resulting in high electricity bills. HIDs are typically used to grow large batches, such as heavy-flowering and fruiting plants, indoors. best growlights for indoor plants

HPS Growlight


  • Medium initial cost
  • High output strength
  • High crop yield


  • High power consumption
  • High heat production
  • Unpleasing appearance

Red/Blue LEDs

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights have recently gained popularity because they emit the ideal photosynthetic light spectrum for plants while using little electricity. Although these LEDs may be the most efficient growlight, their display blue and red lights can be distracting in an aesthetic setting. best growlights for indoor plants

Blue/Red LED Light


  • High output strength
  • High crop yield
  • Low power usage


  • High initial cost
  • Red/blue light display

White/Full-Spectrum LEDs

White, full-spectrum LED grow lights complement the home and although you can only see the white light, they project blue, red, and green light waves to maximize photosynthesis. While they are not ideal for larger crop-growing operations, they allow efficient growth of any houseplant without sacrificing interior design aesthetics. This type of grow light is ideal for growers who want to seamlessly integrate greenery into their home decor. best growlights for indoor plants

Full-Spectrum White Light


  • Low power consumption
  • High CRI Value (Museum-quality lighting)
  • User-friendly
  • Long lifespan


  • High initial cost
  • Not suitable for large-scale growing

Best Growlights for Houseplants

Best LED Full Spectrum Growlight: Aspect LED Growlight

best growlights for indoor plants

Aspect Grow Light from Soltech Solutions — From $150

The Aspect is the perfect full-spectrum growlight for any home. Sold in two sizes (Small 20W or Large 40W) and two colors (black or white), you can choose the perfect light for your space! These growlights are made to last for 15 years and come with supplies such as an outlet timer, ceiling hooks, and a quick start guide to ensure you are able to use your Aspect to its fullest potential.

Best Budget Growlight: Ring LED Plant Grow Light

best growlights for indoor plants

Horior Ring LED Plant Grow Light from Amazon— $28.99

If you are hesitant to make a large monetary investment for a growlight, consider purchasing an inexpensive option such as this growlight ring from Amazon. These ring-shaped growlights are great for individual potted plants that need focused light, such as herbs. At just under $30, purchasing a single ring light can be a great introduction to the convenience of growlights and save both money and space if you are growing only a few small houseplants.

Best Versatile Growlight: Vita Grow Light

best growlights for indoor plants

Vita Grow Light from Soltech Solutions— From $75.00

The best part about a LED grow bulb such as the Vita is that you can easily customize it to your style. This full-spectrum bulb can easily be screwed into any standard light fixture to create a coherent display of your houseplants and your decor. Whether you want to use a floor lamp, a hanging pendant fixture, or recess lighting to provide light for your plants, the Vita will get the job done!

Best Vegetable Growlight: LED Panel Grow Light

best growlights for indoor plants

LED Growlight from Walmart — $43.41

For an indoor vegetable garden, a panel of growlights is likely best to ensure an even distribution of light over a large area. This option from Walmart is a 10’ x 10’ square that can be hooked onto the ceiling to provide 4000W of LED light to your indoor garden. The brightness and height of the light can be adjusted to ensure your entire garden is receiving proper attention.

Best Small-Space Growlight: Mosthink LED Plant Grow Light Strips

best growlights for indoor plants

Mosthink LED Grow Light Strips — $17.99

If you are looking to fit a growlight into a tight space, such as on a kitchen counter or the bottom shelf of a table, growlight strips are a great option! These flexible strips can easily be attached to many surfaces, such as the underside of a kitchen cabinet, to provide light for your plants in difficult spots. This option from Mosthink even has an automatic timer to create ease and consistency when providing light for your plants!

Best Stylish Growlight: Smart Growhouse

best growlights for indoor plants

Smart Growhouse from Modern Sprout — $239

For a contained set-up for your growlight and small plants, this chic growhouse is a great pick. The full-spectrum growlight is connected directly to the planter, creating a sturdy unit for growing greens! It is compact, making it easy to fit on any counter, and is stylish enough to integrate with your home decor. Sources: