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Ponytail Palm

SCENTIFIC NAME: Beaucarnea recurvata

KNOWN AS: Elephant's Foot, Bottle Palm

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Eastern Mexico | Tropical (semi-arid region)

DESCRIPTION: This plant is sassy! It has a plump swollen stem and a bundle of curly leaves.

Ponytail Palm Care

Water your soil when it is about 50% to entirely dry. Do not water your soil too much. You might water less in winter or in darker places.
A Ponytail Palm loves plenty of bright indirect light with a few hours of direct light each day.
Your Ponytail Palm will appreciate the occasional misting, which helps remove dust from their leaves.
These plants love the heat! They will grow the most in temperatures over 70°F. They can tolerate lower temperatures, but they will not grow as much.
This plant is safe for your whole family, including pets and children. Even if someone takes a bite out of it, they won't get poisoned!
Ponytail Palms can be difficult to propagate, but if you find an offset at the base of the plant, you may be able to separate it and grow a new plant. Wait until the pup has formed a few leaves, then cut it off from the parent with a clean cut. You can pot it up directly in soil. Ponytail Palms can be stubborn to root, so dipping the cutting in rooting hormone may help.

Hanging Heights

Ponytail Palm Lighting Requirements: Full Sun (Bright Direct Light) & High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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