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String of Dolphins

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Curio x peregrinus (FKA Senecio)

KNOWN AS: Dolphin Necklace, Dolphin Plant, Flying Dolphins

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Southwest Africa | Subtropical

DESCRIPTION: This plant is called a cutie because of the leaves that look like dolphins. It is perfect for a high shelf or a hanging planter.

String of Dolphins Care

Water your soil when it is about 50% to entirely dry. Make sure not to water too much, as this can damage your plants. Watering will be less frequent during winter months or in less light.
String of Dolphins need a lot of light. They prefer bright, indirect light, but they also need some direct light.
String of Dolphins will appreciate the occasional misting to help remove dust from their leaves.
This plant can live in different temperatures, but it prefers the warmer side. If it feels cold drafts or dry heat from vents, it might complain.
String of dolphins can cause irritation in the mouth and stomach of pets and humans if ingested. This can result in vomiting.
You can make a new String of Dolphins plant by taking a cutting from a healthy vine. Cut off a section that is 5 inches long, making the cut just below the lowest leaf. Remove the lower leaves so you have a clear stem before rooting. You can root the stem directly in moistened potting mix that is suitable for cactus or succulents. Try to press only the cut stem into the soil, allowing the remaining leaves to stay exposed and get good air circulation to avoid rotting. Once the roots are a few inches long and you've spotted some new growth, you can properly pot up the whole plant!

Hanging Heights

String of Dolphins Lighting Requirements: Full Sun (Bright Direct Light) & High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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