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Houseplant Oasis: A Guide to Caring for Your Plants + Styling Them in Your Home

Step into Melissa Lo's carefully curated and meticulously maintained world of houseplants. Here, you'll find detailed instructions for keeping your plants healthy, happy, and thriving so you can transform your home into a lush, green oasis. With a long-standing career as a designer and a passionate hobby as an online houseplant expert, Melissa combines her unique skill set to help you become a successful plant parent while honing your sense of how to style them in your space.

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Melissa details the optimal light, water, temperature, substrates and nutrients for the most popular houseplants, in addition to covering the common issues that affect them. With a plethora of information on plant care, you’ll get a crash course on how to propagate your specimens, when and how to repot them, what to do about yellowing leaves, how to treat spider mites and fungus gnats and so much more.

About the author

MELISSA LO is a houseplant specialist and designer. Her Instagram page, @houseplant.oasis, is a trusted resource on plant care, as well as a source of inspiration for home décor. Melissa lives with her family and over 100 houseplants in Toronto, Canada.


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