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10 Gardening Gifts for Dad on Father's Day 2023

10 Gardening Gifts for Dad on Father's Day 2023

For the Dad that Deserves It All

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s a special day to show them your appreciation for making you into the strong and loving person you are.  Their patience, love and strength deserve to not only be recognized but rewarded.  But buying a gift for the man who seems to already have it all is not easy, hence the eternal ‘tie for a gift’ joke.

That’s why this year’s Father’s Day we have picked out some of our favorite Home & Garden gifts for the Dads who appreciate a lush forest or an exotic jungle as much as any ‘man cave’.  Here are 10 of our favorite gifts that are sure to show your token of love and respect to the man whose thumbs are as green as his heart is big.


1. "Austin’s Pick" Indoor Plant Light Starter Pack

Austin's Pick includes the Vita LED Plant Bulb from Soltech Solutions


Why get dad one gift when you can give him a whole bundle? Allow dad to spoil his plants by giving him this stylish assortment of indoor plant products. Austin’s Pick from Soltech Solutions is a top quality bundle of some of our best products hand picked by local Bethlehem legend Austin. Included in this kit is a


2. Gardening Tool and Stool Set

This stool/tool bag is a versatile gift that is also cost effective for all it can provide. Sourced via Home Depot

Load up Dad’s arsenal with a multi-functional tool bag from Home Depot. This tool bag is also a foldable stool to allow for compact transport and easy storage. Home Depot is known as a powerhouse in the home improvement department and this product shows why. Not only providing five stainless steel tools but also a lightweight, sturdy steel frame for the chair, this folding stool will be all dad needs to tend to the garden.


3. Self-watering Plant Pot

Self-watering plant pots are very useful for those with tight schedules. Sourced via Amazon.com

Everyone loves plants, most forget to water them. Schedules can be tough; from work to running errands, watering his plants might just slip his mind. Give him the peace of mind that his plants are being regularly and responsibly watered with a self-watering plant pot. This package from Amazon provides 7 self-watering pots suited for wall mounts. We suggest pairing this incredible self watering pot with an Aspect LED Plant Light for a beautiful, modern, and full-solution plant care system that will give your favorite plants both the water and photosynthetic light they need.  


4. Greenfit Kit

Greenfit Kit from Soltech provides 4 Vita LED grow light bulbs to help turn any room into a plant oasis. 

The greenfit kit Greenfit™ Kit is a great way to totally switch up the way a room feels. It has 4 Vita lights, and this is a great deal as you get 4 for the price of 3! You can screw the Vita bulb into any light fixture, so why not use them to light a whole room. This way, dad can expand his indoor garden to fill an entire room and not be restricted to just one corner or table. 


5. Organic Potting Mix

Organic Potting mix may not be the flashiest gift, but it is still a thoughtful and useful one dad can use to help his plants thrive. 

Much like socks on Christmas, potting mix may seem like a boring gift to give dad on Father’s day. However, it is a very thoughtful gift as it fills a need. Plants need potting mix to thrive. A good potting mix will provide the nutrients a plant needs as well as remaining aerated to prevent root suffocation. This organic potting mix   from Soltech Solutions is a great potting mix as it consists of compost, pine bark, coir, worm castings and perlite. To learn more about soil and how it can benefit your plants, check out this blog from Soltech Solutions which is a guide to choosing the right potting mix for your indoor plants.  


6. Plant Light Fixture

A light fixture can almost be as important as the bulb it holds. 

With plants comes the need for light. While you might have a good south facing window or live free from surrounding apartments blocking your sunlight,  it can be beneficial to use a grow light to ensure your plant gets the correct amount of light. Check out this blog 5 Gorgeous Grow Light Fixtures For Your Vita Grow Bulb from Soltech Solutions to learn more about some light fixtures that will accent your Vita beautifully. 



7. The New Plant Parent Book

Books like The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng can provide a wealth of knowledge to help anyone be a successful plant parent. 

If you want to start a new hobby with your dad, why not start an indoor garden with him. Rather than throw him to the wolves and give him a plant straight away, give him this book on how to develop your green thumb as a new plant parent. As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” Instead of giving your dad a plant and having it die due to his lack of knowledge, get him a plant and the knowledge of how to make it thrive. This way, he’ll have a new passion that the two of you can share. The New Plant Parent The New Plant Parent: Develop Your Green Thumb and Care for Your House – Plant Family  by Darryl Cheng provides a brilliant insight into the ins and outs of plant care and expresses it in simple terms that make the beginning of your plant journey less confusing. 


8. Easy Twist & Pop Weed Remover

This weed remover from Garden Weasel is a great tool to prevent long term issues when gardening. Sourced via Ace Hardware

Nip your lawn pests in the bud with a weed popper tool.  A few trips around the yard with this bad boy and your weed-free garden will help set the standard for your pristine and boast-worthy lawn.  Show dad you care for his well being by giving him this great tool. No longer does he have to put excess strain on his back by bending over to pick weeds. This will make weeding easier for him now and in the long run as it is a very ergonomic tool.  


9. Easy to Use Power Washer

This RYBOI power washer is perfect for patios and outdoor fences. Sourced via The Home Depot - RYOBI 2000 PSI 1.2 GPM Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

Things get dirty, that’s just natural. For some odd reason, there is something extremely satisfying about power washing. Getting rid of that grime and build up that you thought would be impossible to wash off will make any Dad feel accomplished. Especially if it can liven up the backyard and make his garden the main focal point. Check out this power washer from Home Depot for a great electric power washer capable of keeping dad’s prized back yard clean. 



10. Men’s Gardening Hat

The Sunday Afternoon Ultra Adventure hat is a high quality hat that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Sourced via SundayAfternoons

With a UPF of 50+ and a classic outdoorsman look, this hat says ‘cool’ in more ways than one.  Why not beat the heat and turn heads at the same time. The Ultra Adventure Hat by Sunday Afternoons is a top of the line hat that will keep the sun off of Dad’s head and neck. It also has slits in the side to ensure your sunglasses stay on your head when you don’t have them over your eyes. Good looking and functional? This hat is a no brainer. 

Historically, the idea of plants has remained pretty much the same. You take a seed, dig a hole, plant the seed and give it water. Voilà, you have a plant. However, due to modern farming and the ever growing population, viable farmland is getting harder to maintain. This is where aeroponics can come into play. Aeroponics is a style of farming where plants are grown without soil. This sounds crazy, soil is one of the most important parts of plants as it provides nutrients for the pants. However, aeroponic systems are quite effective at providing everything a plant needs to survive.
What do you get for the woman who's given you everything? Well, if she has a green thumb, you’re in luck! We have compiled our list of top 10 Mother's Day gifts to ensure that when the day comes, you’re ready to celebrate her with her favorite gardening needs, sure to make her smile.