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Reviving Lights, Reducing Waste

At Soltech, we're passionate about breathing new life into our grow lights. Fixed, refurbished, and shining like new, they exemplify our commitment to sustainable practices. By choosing these once-loved lights, you're not only elevating your indoor space but also championing a greener future. It's the perfect blend of top-notch lighting and happy plants, Lightly Loved is our biggest salute to Mother Earth yet.

Why Buy Lightly Loved?

Lightly Loved Lights

Refurbished Aspect™ LED Growlight - Lightly Loved
$158.00 CAD - $210.00 CAD $280.00 CAD Sale
Refurbished Vita™ LED Grow Light - Lightly Loved
$79.00 CAD - $90.00 CAD $119.00 CAD Sale