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The Future of Design

The Future of Design

As we focus on interior design trends, we see plants are strongly establishing their future in design because of their power and effect on people.

Modern Design Disconnects Us From Nature:

As we develop and build we become less connected to nature. The constant addition of walls around us continually brings us further and further away. And as humans, these are elements that we are drawn towards. Many are aware of the urbanization and the constant development. However, many still fail to address the stress that this growing disconnect with nature puts on individuals. As a result, many are experiencing negative side effects ranging from physical illnesses to psychological damage. In both the home and the workplace, symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome are leaving inhabitants and visitors with weakened physical, emotional and mental states. However, architects and designers have found a solution that they are now implementing throughout their designs - plants. Plants are powerful.

Design With Plants Help To Reconnect:

The physical and psychological benefits of being around plants are endless and powerful. Their use in designs is rapidly popularizing because of this. From Facebook to Google and almost every office in between, the adoption of plants and plant installations is a must. Paris is even spearheading its candidacy as host for the 2024 Olympics around the “greening” of their stadiums. However, while it’s soaring popularity has been partially based in performance and practicality, the design and style allure of plants is arguably even more of a driving force. According to Pantone, “Greenery is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization”. As a result, the incorporation of plants has taken the design world by storm and consumed everything from Pinterest to Elle Décor.

Indoor Plant Design Enhances Our Lives:

There is a rise of the living grow walls and plant installations throughout homes and offices. This has brought an increase in plant support technology. Products such as the Highland are taking the indoor plant scene one step further by dramatically enhancing the livability of living walls. What makes products like the Highland unique is their approach to treating plants as art. The Highland is a first-of-its-kind track light designed for growing plants. This unique grow light application allows you to support the growth of plants indoors while displaying them with museum-quality lighting- leaving you with a lush, green plant gallery.

Like the name says, these pots are a source of improved plant health, efficiency, and convenience to plant lovers.
Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s a special day to show them your appreciation for making you into the strong and loving person you are. 
Soil. The home of plants. Without soil, plants would be unable to grow as they would lack the nutrients to build more plant matter. To a novice level plant parent, soil may seem pretty simple. Just a pot of dirt should suffice right?