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10 Reasons Why Plants Are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

10 Reasons Why Plants Are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Now that it’s February, love is officially in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re struggling to figure out what to get that special person in your life – we’re here to help! Whether your valentine is your partner of 10 years or a crush you met last week, plants and plant accessories make perfect Valentine’s Day gift! Don’t believe us? We have 10 reasons to prove it.

1. Plants Make People Happy

This is as plain and simple as it sounds. Plants spark joy in people! Having greenery in your space can calm nerves, have health benefits, and even give you more energy, helping you feel more alive. Plus, if you currently live with your valentine, getting them a plant is like getting a Valentine's Day gift for both of you!
succulent as Valentine's Day Gift Hoya Heart Succulent from The Sill

2. Plants Don't Have to be Too Romantic

If you are unsure where you stand with someone (“Are we dating?” “Are we more than friends?” “Do they like me too??”) a plant is a great gift! If you want to get your valentine a gift that doesn’t scream, “WE ARE DATING AND IN LOVE” – don’t get them the big teddy bear and chocolates; get them a plant! A simple succulent is a perfect plant for this category.

3. You Can Raise the Plant Together

Who doesn’t want an excuse to spend more time with their valentine? Raising a plant, while easy for some, might be a team activity for others. If you and your valentine are both plant newbies, go on the journey together! If you’re both experienced plant people, get a challenging plant and see how well you two do! A gift and a bonding activity!

4. Plants Are Classic

If you want to make a romantic gesture on Valentine’s day that is simple, classic, and doesn’t break the bank – buy a plant! A bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift idea and there are also so many varieties to choose from that can take the romance levels up or down. A bunch of assorted colorful flowers is extremely beautiful and thoughtful, while a bouquet of red roses can be extremely romantic.

5. Plants Are Like Spies

We get that “spies” sounds a little harsh. To clarify, we are not saying you should spy on your valentine, but the title ‘plants are a good measure of if your partner is actually capable of taking care of something’ seemed too long. You get the picture – it’s important to see if they can care for another living thing!
The Firecracker Bouquet from Urbanstems

6. Every Plant is Unique

Like snowflakes, no two plants are exactly the same. They can come close, but every plant is completely unique. Do you know what else is unique? Your valentine! Getting your valentine a plant is a great way to show them that of all the fish in the sea, you love only them. This gift is sweet, romantic, and only slightly metaphorical.

7. Shows That You Listen and Care

If your valentine is a plant lover and doesn’t need another plant in their life, what better way to show that you listen and care than getting them some accessories for their plants! There are many options to choose from such as plant pins and jewelry or plant grow lights. Plant accessories will show your plant-loving valentine what a great catch you are.

8. Plants Are Both Surprising and Predictable

If your valentine asks you what you want and you say, “a plant”, there is still so much room for a surprise! What’s better than getting exactly what you want while still being surprised? Will they get you a bouquet of roses or a lemon tree for your home? Will they get you a Monstera for your living room or a succulent for your desk? Who knows? So much fun!

9. It Will be a Reminder of You

When you give a plant as a gift, your valentine will think of you every time they water it and care for it. It’s like a little reminder of you sitting on their desk or windowsill! What could be a better Valentine's Day gift? Whenever they look at their new plant, they will think of their wonderful valentine!
Beginner plant kit from The Sill

10. Valentine's Day Gift That Keeps on Giving

Finally, plants are great gifts because depending on the type of plant, they can keep on giving. Some plants may bloom flowers while others may produce fruit! Getting your partner a plant is only half the gift. How romantic would it be if you gave them a pepper plant and then next year they gave you a pepper they grew themselves! Adorable!

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