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Innovating spaces to brighten lives through plants.

We believe in:

Inspiring individuals to bring the beauty of nature indoors

Helping to build a brighter and sustainable future


Set out to create a revolutionary product that sets the stage for people's lives.

Soltech was founded by Michael Planer, Paul Hodges, and Chris Clark with the vision of promoting sustainable indoor farming. As they journeyed into the market they realized the popularity of growing houseplants was rapidly increasing, and there remained an opportunity to engineer an aesthetically pleasing grow light. A light that would not only provide the necessary light for plants to thrive, but also enhance the overall ambiance of the living space.

With this idea in mind, Soltech set out to create a revolutionary product that sets the stage for people's lives. The result was the Aspect, the world's first LED grow light that seamlessly blends functionality and design.

Today, Soltech continues to innovate and inspire individuals to bring the beauty of nature indoors through their products and sustainable practices.


Set out to create a brighter, cleaner, and healthier future for all.

When we started Soltech, we had a goal to make the best and most aesthetically pleasing grow lights. As we grew, so did our carbon footprint. Today we are on the path to becoming carbon neutral by 2025 by using more earth friendly materials.

Our products are long lasting, with new biodegradable packaging, further reducing the amount of waste that will be left to sit in landfills. Our new biodegradable paper pulp inserts reduce our carbon footprint by 4 tons of CO2 per year. Our new fully recyclable boxes eliminate 51 miles of tape each year and reduce printed paper by 75%.

At Soltech Solutions, we are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. We proudly offer carbon-neutral shipping, ensuring that every product delivered not only brings beauty into your home but does so without adding to your carbon footprint.


Watts of Love: We see solar lighting as one of the strongest tools available to break the cycle of poverty.

In 2014, our founders started a non-profit called, “Solar for Academics,” with a mission to install solar panels on schools in impoverished countries. Eventually, they decided to make the venture into a for-profit business but still hold the passion to help in these communities. This is why we decided to partner with Watts of Love.

As a secular nonprofit, Watts of Love believes that everyone has equal value, and everyone deserves an opportunity. Watts of Love believes that light shines equally on all. They meet people exactly where they are in life and serve any and all that are in need.

Watts of Love intentionally seeks out the most vulnerable people in the developing world, who live without access to electrical light.

We are pledging to donate 1% of profits to our cause. Help us in the mission to help communities in need by using the round up feature or donating a dollar at checkout.


We want to introduce our culture to customers as they invite us into their homes because we know your space is as special to you as ours is to us.

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