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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about indoor grow lights

Aspect™ Grow Lights:

  • Full Sun Plants: Hang the large Aspect grow light 12in - 24in above your full sun plants. For example, full sun plants include beans, melons, and tomatoes.
  • High Light Plants: Hang the large Aspect grow light 24in - 36in above high light plants. Hang the small Aspect grow light 12in - 24in above high light plants. Examples of high light plants are fiddle leaf fig, dwarf citrus trees, and yucca.
  • Medium Light Plants: Hang the large Aspect grow light 36in - 48in above medium light plants. Hang the small Aspect grow light 24in - 36in above medium light plants. Some examples of medium light plants are nerve plant, Boston fern, and calathea medallion.
  • Low Light Plants: Optimal hanging height for the large Aspect grow light is 48in - 60in. Hang the small Aspect grow light 36in - 48in above low light plants. Low light plants include snake plant, pothos, and ZZ plant.

Vita™ Grow Lights:

  • Narrow Beam Vita: Position the Vita grow light between 24in - 80in above plants. Exact hanging height will be determined by whether your plants are high light or low light. For example, high light plants for the narrow beam Vita could be monstera, bird of paradise, and prayer plant.
  • Wide Beam Vita: Position the Vita grow light at a height of 12in - 48in above plants. Exact hanging height will be determined by whether your plants are high light or low light. Some examples of low light plants for the wide beam Vita are peace lily, spider plant, and pothos.

Highland™ Grow Lights:

  • Narrow Beam Highland: Position the Highland grow light at a height of 18in - 96in away. Exact hanging height will be determined by whether your plants are full sun or low light. For instance, full sun plants for the narrow beam Highland could be roses, lavender, and hibiscus.
  • Wide Beam Highland: Position Highlands with a 60-degree reflector up to 12in - 72in away. Exact hanging height will be determined by whether your plants are full sun or low light. Some examples of low light plants for the wide beam Highland are ferns, peace lily, and dracaena.

Grove™ Grow Lights:

  • Medium Light Plants: Hang Grove grow lights 1in - 12in above plants that require medium indirect light. Examples of medium light plants for Grove grow lights could be pothos, snake plant, and philodendron.
  • Low Light Plants: Hang Grove grow lights 12in - 24in above plants that require medium indirect light. Low light plants for Grove grow lights include cast iron plant, Chinese evergreen, and staghorn fern.

Ensure your indoor plants receive the right amount of light with Soltech's innovative grow lights. Achieve thriving, healthy plants with our versatile lighting solutions.

Remember to monitor your plants closely and make necessary adjustments to hanging heights to meet their specific light needs. Choose Soltech for superior lighting solutions for your indoor garden.

Yes, indoor plants greatly benefit from LED grow lights. LED grow lights offer the ideal lighting conditions for healthy growth in houseplants thanks to their cutting-edge technology and full spectrum. LED grow lights promote photosynthetic activity and allow plants to flourish by emitting the precise light wavelengths required for photosynthesis.

They provide reliable and energy-efficient lighting options, making them the perfect option for lovers of indoor plants. Soltech provides a selection of premium LED grow lights made to accommodate the unique lighting needs of various houseplants and herbs, promoting healthy development and vivid foliage. Utilize the dependable LED grow lights from Soltech to improve the health and attractiveness of your indoor jungle.

When it comes to choosing the best LED grow light for indoor plants, full-spectrum options are highly recommended. Full-spectrum LED grow lights mimic natural sunlight by emitting a wide range of light wavelengths. This balanced spectrum supports all stages of plant growth, from seedling to flowering.

Full-spectrum LED grow lights provide the necessary red, blue, and other essential wavelengths for photosynthesis and healthy foliage development. They ensure that indoor plants receive the optimal light for robust growth, abundant flowering, and lush foliage.

Several reputable brands offer full-spectrum LED grow lights suitable for a variety of indoor plants. These lights are designed to meet the specific light requirements of different plant species and can greatly enhance your indoor gardening setup.

Consider the benefits of full-spectrum lighting for promoting healthy and thriving plant growth. Many LED grow light manufacturers, including Soltech, offer full-spectrum lights that can cater to your indoor plants' specific light needs.

Selecting the right LED grow light can significantly impact the growth and well-being of your indoor plants. By providing them with a full-spectrum light source, you create an environment that closely replicates natural sunlight and optimizes plant growth.

Choose a high-quality full-spectrum LED grow light to maximize the potential of your indoor plants and create a thriving indoor garden.

Although LED lights are widely used for growing plants indoors, not all LED lights work as grow lights. Specific light wavelengths and intensities are needed for plant growth, which standard LED lights may not provide.

The optimal light spectrum for photosynthesis is delivered by specialized LED grow lights, promoting the growth of healthy plants. Throughout all plant life phases, Soltech provides high-quality, full-spectrum LED grow lights that mimic natural sunlight.

Utilizing specialist LED grow lights, such as those that Soltech offer, gives plants the light intensity and spectrum they require to thrive indoors. You can enhance your plant's development potential and get excellent results by using grow lights that are specifically designed for this purpose.

The growth and development of plants are greatly influenced by the color of LED light. A harmonious blend of colors is necessary for the best results because different hues have different impacts on plants.

Red light, which has a wavelength of roughly 660–730 nm, is useful for encouraging plant fruit and flowering. It increases the production of vital enzymes and pigments needed for these processes.

Blue light, with a wavelength of between 400 and 500 nm, is essential for vegetative development and general plant health. It has a significant impact on how leaves develop, roots expand, and chlorophyll is made.

White light, which has a wide spectrum, offers a harmonious combination of wavelengths that is comparable to the spectrum of sunlight. It promotes the general growth and development of the plant, ensuring wholesome photosynthesis and strong plant vitality.

Red, blue, and white wavelengths are all included in the selection of LED grow lights Soltech has to offer. These lights are made to provide the perfect color balance at each stage of growth, enabling plants to flourish.

You can improve the illumination for your plants and encourage healthy growth by using LED grow lights with a wide spectrum. To get the greatest results, don't forget to take your plants' individual light needs into account at each stage of growth.

Determining the appropriate wattage for a grow light for your houseplants is crucial for their growth and well-being. The wattage requirement depends on factors like the type of houseplant, its growth stage, and the desired light intensity.

For most common houseplants, a recommended wattage range is between 20 and 40 watts. This wattage is suitable for supporting their growth in indoor environments with average light requirements. However, for houseplants with higher light needs, such as succulents or flowering plants, opting for a grow light with a wattage starting at 40 watts or higher may be more beneficial.

Keep in mind that wattage alone is not the sole indicator of a grow light's effectiveness. Other factors like light spectrum, distribution, and quality also play significant roles. Full-spectrum LED grow lights, which provide a balanced light spectrum similar to natural sunlight, are often preferred for houseplants as they support all stages of plant growth.

At Soltech, we offer a range of LED grow lights designed to meet the specific needs of houseplants. Our grow lights deliver optimal light intensity and a full spectrum, promoting healthy growth and vibrant foliage. Whether you have low-light houseplants or light-demanding varieties, our grow lights can provide the necessary light for their well-being.

When selecting a grow light, consider factors like the coverage area, hanging height, and recommended duration of light exposure for your houseplants. Creating an ideal lighting environment using the appropriate wattage and quality grow lights can enhance your houseplants' vitality and bring joy to your indoor gardening experience.

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For a plant parent, nothing's more important than finding the right interior scaping setup. Luckily, with stylish grow light options, indoor gardeners are no longer confined to their window sills. With our technology, our houseplants can truly go in any room or corner, regardless of sunlight. Think of the floor space that can be utilized, the baskets you can finally hang where you want! Our specially designed sunset spectrum puts the power to grow when you want, where you want, back in your hands.

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