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Refurbished Grove™ LED Grow Light - Lightly Loved

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Color: Black

This light is refurbished, fully functional, with minor cosmetic flaws.

The Grove, designed for a variety of indoor houseplants and herbs, is a sleek LED bar light that can be mounted under cabinets or shelves, or on walls. It not only boosts plant growth but also infuses your space with a touch of elegance.

Adjustable light intensity for diverse houseplants and energy-efficient technology for sustainable living. Experience the perfect fusion of indoor plant care and elegant home decor, designed to enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle.

*physical box has inaccurate information, please refer to the 'specs' section below for accurate specifications.

Possible Imperfections

What’s Included
  • 1 Grove™ LED Bar Light
  • 1 Power Supply w/ 6 ft Cord
  • 1 Outlet Timer (U.S & Canada orders only)
  • 2 Magnetic Mounting Brackets
  • 4 Wall Fairleads
  • Installation Hardware
  • 1 Wall Anchor Guide
  • Grove Installation Guide
Grow More in Less Space

Unlock the potential for vigorous growth with the Grove's sleek, aluminum design. Perfect for nurturing herbs in your kitchen or flourishing small to medium-sized indoor plants, it's an ideal fit for even the coziest of spaces.

Safe for Your Pets

With the Grove, create a lush indoor garden while ensuring your pets' safety. Its pet-friendly LED light lets you cultivate beauty and greenery without any risk to your animals' well-being.

Intuitive Lighting Made Easy

Embrace the ease of the Grove, our magnetic barlight, featuring user-friendly touch controls. Seamlessly adjust the light intensity to fine-tune your environment and meet your plants' specific needs. Step into the future of sophisticated lighting with Grove.

Unmatched Quality

Our dedication to excellence shines in every Grove unit. Constructed with a robust aluminum body and equipped with top-tier LEDs, the Grove stands as a testament to enduring quality, ensuring lasting care for your plants.

Green Packaging

Embracing eco-friendliness, our 100% recyclable packaging paves the way for a sustainable future.

Efficient Shine

Grove's advanced LED technology illuminates your plant collection in an eco-friendly manner, ensuring robust growth without the burden of high energy costs. Responsible lighting meets environmental mindfulness with Grove.

Vita Hanging Heights

The recommended hanging height for the Vita Grow Light depends on the lighting fixture and the lighting requirements for your specific plant(s). The Narrow (36º) Beam Angle is great for plants farther than 3ft from the light (e.g. recessed can lighting, pendant style lighting applications). The Wide (60º) Beam Angle is great for plants closer than 3ft away from the light (e.g. lamp fixtures & desktop lighting applications).

Looking How to Grow a Specific Plant?

With 50+ plants, this guide helps you quickly identify your houseplant's watering, lighting, humidity and temperature needs and what Soltech grow light will work best for it. Explore and learn about your favorite plants before ever buying a light.

Power Consumption

20 Watts

Product Dimensions

3.75" x 3.75" x 5"

Color Temperature







25.95 μmol/sec


Dimmable: 120V, Non-Dimmable: 100-277V





Beam Angle

Narrow (36°), Wide (60°)

CRI (Color Rendering Index)



30,000 hrs

LED for Incandescent Replacement

120 Watts

LED for HID Replacement

90 HPS or HM