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Vita Pendant Kit

Pendant Color: Black Cord w/ Bronze Lamp Pendant

Take the guess work out of finding a fixture for the Vita™ and get growing in minutes with this kit. A plug-and-play solution designed to spoil your plants for years to come.

Dimmable Vitas are ONLY available in US and Canada and are compatible with a dimmable wall switch, AC adapter, smart plug, and most other dimmable technology. Dimmer not included.

Includes a Vita™ Wide (60°) Beam Angle.

What’s Included
  • Vita™ LED Grow Light (Dimmable - Wide Beam Angle)
  • Pendant w/ 15′ Fabric Cord
  • 2 Wall Fairleads
  • 1 Swag Hook
  • Outlet Timer
  • Lamp Shade (Not Pictured/Optional)
Quality, Our Promise

Encased in robust aluminum with high-performance long-lasting plant bulb technology, Vita stands steadfast for every growth phase.

Flexibly Brilliant

Adapt lighting to your plant's rhythm. With Vita's dimmable grow light feature, attune the luminance to perfection each time.

Brighten Your Space

Lack of windows? Vita, our most adaptive grow bulb for indoor plants, paired with its cord and pendant, shines life into dim corners, spotlighting plants effortlessly.

Small Footprint, Big Results

From herbs to ferns, with Vita's full spectrum, no plant or place is off-limits. Cultivate life, anywhere.

Wide (60°) Beam Angle Hanging Heights

The Wide (60º) Beam Angle is great for plants closer than 3ft away from the light (e.g. lamp fixtures & desktop lighting applications).

Looking How to Grow a Specific Plant?

With 50+ plants, this guide helps you quickly identify your houseplant's watering, lighting, humidity and temperature needs and what Soltech grow light will work best for it. Explore and learn about your favorite plants before ever buying a light.


1 lbs

Product Dimensions

3.75" x 3.75" x 5"


Black, White


Dimmable: 120V, Non-Dimmable: 100-277V

Total Consumption

20 Watts


25.95 μmol/sec





Beam Angle

Wide (60°)

CRI (Color Rendering Index)




Color Temperature

3000 Kelvin


30,000 hrs

LED for Incandescent Replacement


LED for HID Replacement

90 HPS or HM


Do not get wet

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