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Highland™ LED Track Light System


The Highland Track Light System is a first-of-its-kind LED track light designed for growing houseplants.

Color: Black
Highland Lights: 1 light
Beam Angle: Narrow (30 Degrees)

What’s Included
  • 1 to 4 Highland light(s)
  • 20ft cord & end feed
  • 4 wall fairleads
  • 4ft track rail & hardware
  • Outlet Timer
  • Highland Quick Start Guide
Crafted to Excel

Every light undergoes rigorous research, design, and building phases to meet our top-tier standards. Highland ensures premium indoor grow light performance for limitless growth.

Perfect Timing, Every Time

Each Highland system includes an outlet timer for optimal plant lighting.

Limitless Potential

Say goodbye to environment-bound traditional house plants. With Highland's versatile configurations, you'll find the perfect grow light system for any indoor space.

Serious Growth

Beyond its sleek aluminum design, Highland is a professional grow light with the power to support large plants, vibrant living walls, and towering trees.

Picture perfect

Highland isn't just another track grow light; it's about delivering professional-grade color accuracy that's not just ideal for plant growth but is also a treat for the eyes.

Maximum Impact, Minimal Consumption

Highland's advanced technology powers entire plant walls, making it a frontrunner in LED lighting for large plants while being energy efficient.

Perfect for plants of all sizes and sunlight requirements

The Highland is the light of choice by both horticultural and design professionals. It can be used to grow everything from fresh vanilla beans, dwarf Japanese maples, living walls, and more. So choose your favorite plant and get growing! The Highland will do the work; your home will get all the credit.

Looking How to Grow a Specific Plant?

With 50+ plants, this guide helps you quickly identify your houseplant's watering, lighting, humidity and temperature needs and what Soltech grow light will work best for it. Explore and learn about your favorite plants before ever buying a light.

Narrow Beam Coverage

30° Narrow Beam is recommended for plants that are farther than 5ft away from the light and plants that require more light.  The Highland’s narrow beam reflector provides a narrow beam of light.

Wide Beam Coverage

60° Wide Beam is recommended for plants that are 1-5ft away from the light or plants that require less light. The Highland’s wide beam reflector provides a wider beam of light.


3.1 lbs

Unit Dimensions

6" x 3.25"x 3.25"

Power Source

Outlet Plug

Beam Angle

Narrow (30 Degrees) or Wide (60 Degrees)



Track Rail Length


Total Consumption

30 Watts

Frequency Range

50/60 Hz


90 – 240 VAC

Color Temperature

3000 Kelvin


36 μmol/sec





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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about the Highland™ Track System

With its adjustable track heads and customizable layout, this system ensures efficient and targeted light for your plants' growth and well-being.

Track lighting is a reliable solution for delivering large amounts of light to your plants. The Highland Track System offers full-spectrum LED light, closely resembling natural sunlight. This spectrum is essential for supporting various stages of plant growth, from seedlings to mature plants.

The Highland Track System allows you to adjust the hanging height and position of the track heads, accommodating different plant heights and arrangements. This flexibility enables you to create ideal lighting environments.

By utilizing energy-efficient LED technology, the Highland Track System ensures both effective plant lighting and cost savings. The long lifespan of LED lights minimizes the need for frequent replacements, providing you with a reliable lighting solution.

Enhance your plant ownership experience with Soltech's Highland Track System. Provide your houseplants with the optimal light they need for healthy growth and thriving foliage.

When determining the number of track lights needed for your indoor plants using the Soltech Highland™ Track System, it's important to consider the coverage area required and the lighting needs of your plants.

With the wide beam Highland™, you can expect one square foot of coverage for each foot away from the plants. On the other hand, the narrow beam Highland™ provides an increase of 6 square inches of coverage per foot away. By understanding your plants' lighting requirements and the coverage area needed, you can determine whether wide or narrow beam Highlands are suitable. If you need more coverage simply add more lights to your system. Choose the right lighting solution for optimal plant growth with Soltech's Highland™ Track System.

The Highland Track System offers customizable track configurations, allowing you to adjust the number of track heads according to your requirements. This flexibility ensures that you can achieve the ideal coverage and light distribution for your indoor plants.

For personalized recommendations regarding the Highland Track System and the ideal number of track lights for your indoor plants, our knowledgeable team at Soltech is available to assist you at

Maximize the effectiveness of your Soltech Highland™ Track System by positioning for optimal light distribution to your plants. Here are some guidelines to optimize your setup:

  1. Placement: Install the track lighting directly above or near your plants to ensure direct coverage and promote healthy growth.
  2. Coverage: Position the track lighting to evenly cover the entire plant canopy, including the top, sides, and lower foliage.
  3. Adjustable Heads: Take advantage of the Highland™ Track System's adjustable track heads to direct the light where it's needed and encourage plant growth.
  4. Light Intensity: Consider the light intensity requirements of your plants and adjust the placement and spacing of the track lighting accordingly.
  5. Plant Arrangement: Organize your plants based on their light requirements. Place the track lighting closer to high light-demanding plants and further away for those that prefer lower light levels.

By following these guidelines and customizing your Highland™ Track System, you can create an optimal lighting environment for your indoor plants. For personalized recommendations and further assistance, reach out to the Soltech team at