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Highland™ - Light Only

The Highland is a first-of-its-kind LED track light designed for growing plants. Whether you’re installing a grow wall or just looking to incorporate beautiful, green accents throughout your space – the Highland is the light of choice by both horticultural and design professionals.

The Highland light fits H-Type Track Rails ONLY

Narrow (30°) Beam Angle – For plants 5-10ft away from the light

Wide (60°) Beam Angle – For plants 2-5ft away from the light

This is the SINGLE Highland Track Light. If you are looking for the Highland Track Light System, Click HERE

Color: White
Beam Angle: Wide (60 Degrees)

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  • Availability: In Stock
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  • Availability: In Stock
What’s Included
  • 1 Highland™ LED light
  • Highland Quick Start Guide
Quality construction

Built to a higher standard. We make sure each light is researched, designed & built to our incredibly high standards so that you can grow without limits.

Ideal Spectrum

Professional level of color accuracy. Optimal for green walls and hard to reach places that need additional sun light as well as larger plants that need lighting on all sides.

Grow without limitations

With a sleek aluminum body set on a track, this unique grow light application allows you to support the growth of plants indoors while displaying them with museum-quality lighting – leaving you with a lush, green plant gallery.

Power Performace

Beautifully powerful. With a minimalist and stylish aluminum body, each Highland contains enough growing power for growing large plants, living walls, and trees.

Perfect for plants of all sizes and sunlight requirements

The Highland is the light of choice by both horticultural and design professionals. It can be used to grow everything from fresh vanilla beans, dwarf Japanese maples, living walls, and more. So choose your favorite plant and get growing! The Highland will do the work; your home will get all the credit.

Narrow Beam Coverage

30° Narrow Beam is recommended for plants that are father than 5ft away from the light and plants that require more light.  The Highland’s narrow beam reflector provides a narrow beam of light.

Wide Beam Coverage

60° Wide Beam is recommended for plants that are 1-5ft away from the light or plants that require less light.  The Highland’s wide beam reflector provides a wider beam of light.

Find the right distance and coverage

Highlands are made with either a narrow or wide reflector. Each reflector determines how the light travels and the amount of coverage the Highland provides your plants. A narrow reflector produces a narrow and focused beam perfect for plants at a distance or higher light plants. A wide reflector produces a wider and less focused beam that works well for large spaces or lower light plants.


3.1 lbs

Product Dimensions

3.75" x 3.75" x 5"

Color Temperature




Total Consumption

30 Watts


36 μmol/sec


90 – 240 VAC

Beam Angle

Narrow (36°), Wide (60°)


50,000 hrs

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