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3 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Plant Lovers 2022

3 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Plant Lovers 2022

Staying home does not have to ruin the chance for a romantic Valentine’s Day, especially for plant lovers. If you can’t go to your favorite flower shop or a botanical garden this year because of the pandemic, you can create your own Valentine’s Day fantasy at home! For the plant-lover in your life, check out our Valentine's day date ideas to create a date-night-in this Valentine’s Day! For some more ideas, check out our 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Heart Bamboo Plant

Make DIY Planters

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Wooden Crate Planters

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Tin Can Planters

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Mug Planters

For a creative and engaging night-in project, consider making planters at home! Any plant parent knows you can never have enough unique pots for your house plants, and it takes some serious self-control to not buy every mesmerizing planter we see. Designing a planter is a fun activity to get the artistic juices flowing and craft a lasting memory of a special Valentine’s Day. There are countless ways you can create your own planter at home! For any type of homemade planters, we recommend purchasing plastic liners to ease the mess and reduce any moisture loss. Just clean out your planter, get the proper soil (a general potting mix will work great for most plants), and place your plant in the plastic liner right in your new planter! You can get incredibly creative with what you transform into a homemade planter! Looking for a rustic feel? Grab a few old soup cans, sand off the color, and buy some acrylic paint to create a design of your own! Do you have a wooden crate or old dresser that has been sitting in the garage for months? These are great bases for a chic design project that can host an herb garden or a mid-sized plant! Perhaps you have a souvenir mug you want to display? Add some pebbles as a base layer and plant a succulent for a one-of-a-kind kitchen decoration. The possibilities truly are endless, and as soon as you think of one idea the rest are sure to start flowing! Bring some stencils, a few paint colors, and a creative eye to make the most of this date-night activity.

Explore a Botanical Garden Book

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Gardenlust: A Botanical Tour of the World’s Best New Gardens

A coffee table book is an engaging gift and activity for your night in! Although it’s tough to explore the gardens of the world this Valentine’s Day, this tour book provides beautiful images and fascinating insights into 50 modern botanical gardens around the globe! Flip through this book together and enjoy the imagery of exceptional gardens from your home. Make a list of your favorites to plan future travel or seek inspiration from these wonders for your own backyard garden! This tour book is a great way to explore gardens on every continent and spark conversation about ways to enhance your gardens at home. This gift will keep on giving past Valentine’s Day as you continue finding new, interesting aspects of these beautiful gardens. Flipping through the images is both entertaining and relaxing, and you will not get bored of them any time soon! Let this book sit on the coffee table as a reminder of a romantic holiday and serve as inspiration to last for years.

Rearrange Your Indoor Garden with a Grow Light

Any plant lover has felt a bit of defeat by mid-February as their plants struggle through the cold, winter months. When there are few daylight hours and consistently cold temperatures, even indoor houseplants can suffer! Bring light back into a plant parent’s home with a grow light. Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Highland Growlight Track System

A growlight is the perfect gift to compliment a plant parent’s lifestyle and decor. A full-spectrum white light will integrate seamlessly into any interior design and allow indoor plants to thrive year-round. Gift your significant other a growlight and together discover ways to redecorate with this new accessory! Adding a growlight allows you to move plants to dreary rooms or dark corners, opening the home and allowing greenery to thrive throughout your space. Clear out space on the windowsill by relocating some plants with the growlight or craft a grow wall in a special room that can be spotlighted with a track light system! Soltech Solutions has numerous styles of grow lights so you can choose what option will best fit your space and needs! Our hanging plant light can be hung independently in the area of your choice, and our grow light bulb can be screwed into any existing light fixture to change the purpose of your lighting, and our track lighting system for plants can be installed on the ceiling for museum-style lighting. Figure out what growlight display is best for the space and find out all the ways you can transform your home with the addition of simulated sunlight for your plants to flourish! Reorganizing your houseplants this Valentine’s Day will be sure to bring excitement and imagination to the holiday celebration.