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Best Herbs For Your Indoor Herb Garden

Best Herbs For Your Indoor Herb Garden

Nothing beats having fresh herbs at your convenience all year long. Forget worrying about what type of weather will prevent your herbs from prospering and bring your herb garden inside! Herbs not only provide a fresh addition to home-made recipes, but also beautiful aromas and ornamentation to your home. Read on to hear about some of our favorite herbs to grow inside!

What Are The Best Herbs To Grow Indoors?

1.) Parsley

indoor herb garden

Photo Courtesy of The Kitchen Herbs

Planting parsley in your indoor herb garden is sure to bring both natural decoration to your windowsill and rich flavors to your cooking. Parsley favors direct sunlight and moisture in the air, so a kitchen window is the perfect spot for this herb to thrive with little additional attention from its human. Whether you’re looking for a final topping to your dinner or chopping it for a salad, you’ll have fresh parsley on hand year-round after planting this herb.

2.) Basil

indoor herb garden If you already have a basil plant growing outdoors from the summer, you can easily relocate it to inside your house! Basil will need to maintain exposure to light indoors, so placing your plant on a windowsill or under a grow light is key. (Check out our post on the best grow lights for indoor plants for some guidance!) There is no shortage of recipes that require basil, so let this indoor herb inspire your homemade cooking! Use it as a fresh garnish, cook it into a sauce, or add it to your drink for an extra flavor-boost. No matter how you use it, you can’t go wrong with growing fresh basil in your indoor herb garden.

3.) Tarragon

indoor herb garden

Photo Courtesy of The Spruce

Tarragon does not do well with cold temperatures, so it is a great idea to plant this herb in your indoor herb garden as the temperatures drop so you can have access to its fresh flavors all year long. This plant thrives with low lighting, proper drainage, and nutrient-rich soil. Although it takes a bit more effort to create its proper environment, a single one of these plants can live for several years, allowing you the opportunity to bring it outside during the warmer months and back indoors for winter seasons to come! (Or if you prefer to keep it inside, you’ll need to prune it as it can grow almost 2 feet tall – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.)

4.) Mint

indoor herb garden

Photo Courtesy of Grow Your Yard

If you’ve seen mint planted free-range outdoors, you know just how quickly and heartily it grows. Planting mint inside helps contain the herb but does not take away from how easily it grows and flourishes with direct sunlight and ample water. If you’re just starting out, you can even grow your mint in a glass of water. A bonus feature of growing this in your indoor herb garden is the fresh, clean scent it naturally produces! Mint is a great, refreshing addition to savory foods, a bold flavor for mild beverages, and of course a perfect pairing with chocolate desserts.

5.) Sage

indoor herb garden

Photo Courtesy of Click & Grow

You no longer have to settle for dried sage in the colder months; growing fresh sage indoors is easier than you may think! Make sure your sage plant is getting ample light, from a window, a grow light, or perhaps even both, to guarantee this herb thrives inside. Monitoring its light exposure, humidity, and temperature (sage likes to stay warm) will allow you to harvest from your sage plant even throughout the coldest months. The strong, earthy taste of this herb compliments many savory dishes with its bold flavor, a taste profile you’ll keep coming back for!

6.) Dill

indoor herb garden

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Dill is regularly used as a seasoning in countless dishes, and you’ll be able to make some new creations of your own when you have this herb growing in your home! Dill needs plenty of sunlight and even though it can withstand slightly cooler temperatures, thriving in the range of 60°-75°F, it will not respond well to a cold draft. When you care for this herb right, you’ll be reaping the delicious benefits of dill all year long. A little bit of dill goes a very long way, so using just one sprig as a garnish can amplify the flavor of your entire meal! Sources: