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8 Ways To Bring Summer Into Your Home

8 Ways To Bring Summer Into Your Home

Depending on where you live in the world, summertime can either be a huge relief or a massive pest. For those who live up North, summertime is a much-needed break from the cold and snow the winter brings. On the other hand, living in a place like Arizona can have you loathing the summer as you and your neighbors cook eggs on the hood of your cars. Either way, summertime definitely brings a feeling that most can enjoy: being outside.

Why should I bring summer into my home?

Along with summer comes the desire to spruce up your home. You just finished your spring cleaning, your home is looking clean and new again, why not redecorate to help bring summer into your home. Adding a light, airy touch can really help boost your mood over the summer months, especially if you live in an apartment that lacks a balcony or outdoor garden.

How can I bring summer into my home?

1. Let there be light

The Aspect Growlight does a great job at providing good light to a room and to a plant.

With summer comes light, daylight savings kicks in and the sun seems to never set. Let that light come into your home and bring that summer feel along with it. Take advantage of the natural light sources you have such as windows, balconies, or skylights. If your home lacks this, or the light is blocked by extraneous situations, invest in a grow light. Soltech offers a few grow lights, the Aspect, the Vita, and the Highland. All three of these lights do a great job at providing light at a color of 3000 Kelvin. This means that the light given off is more of a warm color, and adds a general level of comfort to the room.

2. Bring in the outside

bring summer into your home

Adding plants to your home can allow for a seamless transition between the outside and inside which is useful for a season such as summer.

There is no better way to bring summer into your home than inviting it in. Some of those plants that you have been cultivating outside would look amazing on the inside of your home. From orchids to ferns, bringing these plants in can not only improve the overall feel of the room, but also provide a greener aesthetic. It’s no secret that humans are biophilic, otherwise known as nature lovers. This innate desire to be amongst nature can really lead you to some interesting interior design choices when trying to bring summer inside. Check out this blog on how to give your home a greener aesthetic.

3. Implement lighter colors

Orchids come in many shapes and colors, so adding a variety of them will add a multitude of colors to your home.

Summertime is synonymous with light airy colors. From pastel yellows and blues to light greens and whites, the color of rooms and the items within them can really set the ambiance for the whole room. The same goes for plants, the lighter in color they are, the more summer the vibe they will give off. Think to add daisies and orchids around your house to provide that color palate that you desire.

4. Start an indoor garden

This indoor garden is a good way to produce some herbs, fruits, and vegetables for your kitchen.

If you happen to live in an area where there isn’t much room for an outside garden (ie. Apartment, urban area), try starting one inside. If you have tons of floor space and can accommodate a fish tank style garden like in the picture above, we highly suggest it as it provides a good way to cultivate plants indoors. If you don’t have a lot of floor space yet still want to garden, try vertical farming. It is a great way to get a garden going without sacrificing too much room in your home while utilizing the height of a room. Check out this blog from Soltech on vertical farming to better understand how vertical farming can help add a summery feel to your home.

5. Add tropical plants

Tropical plants can add that summery touch to your home. Image by Cori Sears from The Spruce.

The thing about tropical plants is that they are associated with tropical climates. This ranges from vacation destinations such as Hawai’i to Mexico, Aruba and much more. Bringing plants that give that “summer vacation” vibe to your home will also bring that summery feel you so crave to implement. Check out this blog on tropical plants that do well inside homes.

6. Hanging Woven Baskets

Ollvia Hanging Basket via amazon

There is just something about woven items that screams summer. Perhaps it is how they look more natural than other pots. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain and that is adding this woven hanging basket to your home will not only provide a good eco-friendly way to bring plants into your home, but also take advantage of that vertical space in your home. Check out this hanging basket from Ollvia.

7. Plant Wall

The Residential Living Wall from Soltech Solutions

Similar to the vertical farming methods mentioned earlier, a plant wall is a great way to add plants into your home without taking up horizontal space needed for you to maneuver. The Residential Plant wall from Soltech does a really good job at providing ample room for plants while also taking advantage of that vertical space in your home. It is 40” by 32” and has 21 spots for plants. It is easy to maintain as well due to its integrated watering system.

8. Bring in Citrus

An orange tree underneath the Aspect Growlight

Orange and yellow are two colors also associated with summer. Considering that the sun is a mix of yellow and orange in color, that seems to make sense on the surface. On top of that, citrus plants grow well during the summer and in warmer climates (that’s why the orange is the state fruit of Florida!) Add a small lemon or orange tree to your home to not only bring summer in but also grow a tasty snack!
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