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Choosing plants for your living wall? 10 Perfect Plants To Mix And Match

Choosing plants for your living wall? 10 Perfect Plants To Mix And Match

Creating a living wall is a great way to bring greenery into your home while occupying minimal living space. A grow wall brings living decoration to any blank wall, allowing you to reap the benefits of having a variety of plants indoors. plants for your living wall It may be difficult to place your grow wall near a window for the plants to get proper light because of the often large size and flat nature of the display. Because of this, grow lights are a great option to supplement your grow wall; for some guidance on which grow light is best for your needs, check out our guide on the best grow lights for indoor plants. When choosing the plants for your indoor plant wall, finding plants that have similar needs can make the maintenance of the wall more manageable. We have listed 10 plants for you to mix and match on your grow wall to help you get creative with plants for your living wall project.

Best Plants For Indoor Living Wall

1.) Spider plant

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of Bob’s Market

A spider plant is a great first member of your grow wall because of how simple it is to care for. Spider plants are resilient, needing to be watered only weekly, and are not very sensitive to light and temperature. This is beneficial for a grow wall that displays a variety of plant species because your spider plant is likely to thrive in the conditions any other plants on your wall might prefer.

2.) Snake plant

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of Stocksy

Given the stunning architecture and dynamic colors of the snake plant, they are surprisingly easy to care for. They can survive in a wide range of lighting conditions and only need to be watered every few weeks, so you can largely let your snake plant thrive independently. This plant is a notable addition to your grow wall because it is accommodating to most conditions, allowing you to focus on your other species, and its structure will add a unique element to the arrangement.

3.) Dracaena (Dragon Plant)

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of Indoor Plant Shop

Dracaena is a slow-growing plant, perfect for your wall because you won’t need to worry about it overgrowing faster than you can keep up with it! This plant requires minimal watering and indirect sunlight, making it easy to maintain when you are caring for numerous other plants. The leaves on this plant can grow in a variety of colors, some solid green and others showing yellow, orange, or red stripes. And a bonus: the dragon plant is one of the best air-purifying plants around!

4.) Ivy

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Ivy is a logical addition to your grow wall because it is in its nature to climb. It will integrate itself beautifully and dynamically into the display, adding dimension and variety. Ivy typically enjoys bright light, but for more information on specific types of ivy and how to care for them, reference our ivy growing guide

5.) Ferns

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of Gardening Know How

Ferns are a very popular option for grow walls – and for good reason! They can thrive indoors with some additional humidity and provide a beautiful cascading effect with their leaves when hung. Ferns boast bright, lush greens which compliment other rich shades from colorful leaves and flowers. Adding ferns to your grow wall will add color and an element of movement.

6.) Anthurium Andraeanum

plants for your living wall

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Anthurium Scherzerianum displays brightly colored leaves that resemble flowers and narrow green leaves for an alluring contrast. The colorful leaves can be pink, orange, purple, or red and with proper care can stay in continuous bloom, providing you with a constant splash of color on your green wall no matter the season!

7.) Anthurium Amnicola (Tulip Anthuriums)

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of Smart Garden Guide

The Tulip Anthurium is a beautifully flowered indoor plant that will add variety to your wall. This plant tends to stay relatively small, so there is no need to worry about it out-growing the display. Sprouting purple and pink flowers throughout the year, tulip anthuriums also provide a sweet scent and are excellent at purifying air. If you want to present a mixture of species on your grow wall, the tulip anthurium is not a plant to forget.

8.) Philodendron Grazielae

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of Brittany Goldwyn

Another vine that your grow wall will love is the Philodendron Grazielae. This vine produces heart-shaped leaves that have a rubbery, glossy texture. It is a climber, so it will grow itself toward the sun (or grow light) and thrives with average light and watering. Adding this philodendron to your wall will require minimal additional attention from you while providing an unforgettable charm to your wall.

9.) Philodendron Prince of Orange

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of The Sill

The Prince of Orange variety Philodendron plant is a colorful and compact choice for plants for your living wall. It produces leaves that are shades of orange and yellow, in addition to green, adding a splash of color to your display. Because this plant tends to stay compact as it grows, you won’t need to worry about it sprouting too far off of the wall, allowing easy maintenance.

10.) Herbs

plants for your living wall

Photo Courtesy of Beneva Plantscapes

Finally, mixing a variety of herbs into your grow wall is a great way to add a medley of greens and some fresh aromas to the display. We recommend mint, basil, and parsley, for their strong, fresh scents. Check out our favorite herbs for your indoor herb garden for some more ideas!
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