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Plant Hacks: DIY Videos Made By Soltech For You

Plant Hacks: DIY Videos Made By Soltech For You

Who doesn't love plant hacks? At Soltech Solutions we have revolutionized the grow light to make growing plants indoors easy. We also want to share some quality content to make your lives easier. Our YouTube Channel features two new videos with a do-it-yourself focus. We also know that humans have short attention spans. No one wants to watch a 20 minute video on simple tasks that can be completed quickly. Our videos make plant hacks appear as they are, SIMPLE. Check out our page and let us know what you think. Don't forget to comment, subscribe and let us know if there are any other hacks you would like to see made simple. Sprouting Chickpeas The first DIY is on sprouting chickpeas.

How To Sprout Chickpeas

Sprouts are great for a nutritious snack. When making your sprouts make sure that they do not start to smell sour.
 That means that your batch isn't good to eat. Sprouts do not need to be grown in a sunny spot. Make sure to rinse your sprouts a few times a day and refrigerate them before eating. For a full tutorial watch our YouTube video:
  1. Gather supplies: dry chickpeas, paper towel, rubber band, glass jar
  2. Pour chickpeas into the jar and fill the jar with water less than halfway
  3. Let the chickpeas soak for 10-24 hours
  4. Drain the water
  5. Rinse the chickpeas and replace the moist paper towel every 12 hours
  6. Watch the sprouts form
  7. Refrigerate and enjoy!

Never Buy Scallions Again

This simple DIY will get you to never buy scallions at the grocery store again. These onions grow quickly when rooted in water. Leave the ends in a jar of water in a sunny spot or under a grow light and you're all set. The scallions will grow back in just a few days.
 For a full tutorial watch our YouTube video: Steps
  1. Chop the white bottoms off the scallions
  2. Place them in a jar of water
  3. Place the jar in sunny spot or under a grow light
  4. Replace the water every few days
  5. Scallions will regrow quickly
  6. Chop them up and enjoy!

Want to See More?

We value our customers and followers and we want your feedback. If you like what you see we are happy to make more of these plant hack videos. Contact us through YouTube. Send us pictures when you try it at home through YouTube or Instagram.
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