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Why Every Aspect Plants 1 Tree This Month

Why Every Aspect Plants 1 Tree This Month

You Grow - We Grow

Recent wildfire tragedies

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 1.83 million acres in California alone were burned by wild forest fires throughout 2018. (1) The devastation was severe and reminded the world of nature's impact. The effects of the latest fire were so far-reaching that in November 2018 that the reports of what appeared to be a fog in New York City actually turned out to be California’s forest fire smoke which had blown in into New York City. Unfortunately forest fires are not an uncommon occurrence throughout the US. Throughout 2018 there were a total of 8.48 million acres decimated by wild forest fires within the US. (2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN5tjze2GZQ

We don’t like that. We all need our trees.

So in a response to the recent catastrophe in California as well as the other numerous forest fire sites, we want to give back to one of our most precious natural resources – our forests For every single Aspect we sell we will be planting 1 tree. There's no better time than the season of giving to make sure that we give back to not only our country's wildlife but to our children's wildlife.

We need our forests

These forest lands are the foundation of America’s outdoor recreation heritage and sustain our way of life. They provide water to millions Americans in thousands of communities, clean our air, store carbon, and provide timber, minerals, oil and gas and other resources for industry and communities. (3) Without these lands, America would be a very different place. Our trees are our heritage, and it’s time we all do our part to plant more. So when you buy an Aspect this December remember you'll not only be supporting your own plants, but also our wildlife's future. 1 Aspect = 1 tree. Time to get growing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbde11fyRvs
(1) 2018 National Year-to-Date Report on Fires and Acres Burned" (PDF). NIFC. November 30, 2018. (2) 2018 National Year-to-Date Report on Fires and Acres Burned" (PDF). NIFC. November 30, 2018. (3) National Forest Foundation. https://www.nationalforests.org/our-forests
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