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Announcing Interior Design with Decorative Plants 2017

Announcing Interior Design with Decorative Plants 2017

It’s a chaotic world we live in. However, there is a place where we each can find the solace and sanctum necessary in our daily lives; and that is the home. But, the home is only as comforting and rejuvenating as we design it.

We all crave comfort in simple things like Netflix and a good wine, but what’s more comforting than finding yourself surrounded by lush green nature? Bringing the outdoors in with decorative plants has rapidly become the latest design trend in interior design. It shows no sign of slowing down.

Revitalize with Green

Reflecting this desire to be surrounded by nature is the highly acclaimed Pantone Color of the Year in 2017 – happened to be Green. “Greenery is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization – something we all could use in a complex social and political environment”, according to Pantone. But for those who aren’t ready to repaint their living room walls green just yet, you have options. The simplest, most effective and organic way to achieve a refreshing and greener home is to simply incorporate living plants into it.

The trend of incorporating plants into homes and offices has taken the design world by storm and consumed everything from Pinterest to Elle Décor. Notable people incorporating plants into their interior and architectural designs start with talk show phenom Ellen Degeneres and her green paradise studio set. It continues to the world-renowned Swiss architecture firm Herzog & Meuron, who are currently constructing the Beruit tower designed entirely around its exotic planted terraces.

The Aspect Enhancing Design

Here at Soltech, we are supporting this trend with our latest LED Plant Light the Aspect, which serves to bring the outdoors inside in one of the most unique and tasteful ways yet. The Aspect is the first luxury grow light for interior design. This allows you to beautifully grow any plants indoors. while tastefully blending greenery with your décor. It is the latest trend that ups your spirits and your home's ambience.

Now you can replace all of those awkward and empty spaces with anything from fresh lavender to a vibrant avocado tree. With everyone’s growing desire to feel more connected to nature, this fall anticipates some of the greenest interiors we’ve seen since the Romans- and we like it.