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Soltech Spotlight : HSI, Making a Difference Since 2014

Soltech Spotlight : HSI, Making a Difference Since 2014

This blog is a little different than our usual plant, health and design focused pieces. However, this one is equally close to our hearts and communities…helping our neighbors grow. We really felt inclined to recognize and highlight the incredible social and humanitarian work done in our backyards and across the globe, specifically through the inspiring and tireless work of Humanitarian Social Innovations, more commonly known as HSI.

What Does Humanitarian Social Innovations Do?

HSI is a non-profit organization the Soltech team helped found several years ago and continues to support to this day. To date HSI’s impact has been vast and deep allowing the existence and supporting the growth of dozens of other goodwill projects and nonprofit organizations. Humanitarian Social Innovations is a fiscal sponsorship organization that serves to inspire and connect social entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to empower them and to maximize their humanitarian impact. By providing projects with financial, legal and entrepreneurial resources and hands-on support, individuals and even organizations looking to start their own non-profit have a much stronger structure and path between their passion and their impact. In addition, HSI grants projects with tax-exemption status so individuals and organizations can properly donate to a charitable group’s mission and work. From supporting children of single-parent homes to farmers in Africa HSI's impact has been as deep as it is vast.

The Founder of HSI

Since HSI's founding a few years ago Linda has breathed life into dozens of incredible individuals and grassroots organizations. A true facilitator of progress, sustainability and change, Linda gives all of herself and asks very little. Her organization and its impact is a true reflection of this. Without a supporting and foundational organization like HSI many subsequent charitable organizations and their selfless sharing wouldn't exist. But just like all other charities, HSI requires donations to operate. Many nonprofits only pass a small portion of the donated proceeds towards the actual charitable work being done. But not Linda and not HSI.

Donate To HSI

Linda and her team continue to make some serious and sustainable impact both in homes and communities from our home in the Lehigh Valley to across the globe. Your contribution will be felt. If you still have many questions regarding HSI and it's mission and services just reach out to the founder and owner Linda or Paul, Mike and Chris from our Soltech team. Take someone’s dream to help and turn it to a reality.
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