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SCENTIFIC NAME: Caladium bicolor 'Summer Breeze'

KNOWN AS: Elephant Ear, Heart of Jesus, Angel Wings

CLIMATE (LOCATION): South America | Tropical & Subtropical

DESCRIPTION: This variety of heart-shaped leaves has a pale green or white color with an intricate pattern of veins in a vibrant green. The pink midline and primary veins stand out and make the leaves look like they are "bleeding".

Caladium Care

Always water your plants, but make sure to let the top inch or two dry out before watering again. In winter, be especially careful not to overwater.
A happy, thriving Caladium needs plenty of bright, indirect light and a few hours of direct light.
Your Caladium will thrive in higher humidity levels. To increase the humidity, group your plants with other plants that like high humidity, or place it in a humid spot like the kitchen or bathroom. If you want to be guaranteed high humidity levels, use a humidifier.
Caladium plants enjoy the warm weather of the tropics, between 65-85°F. They definitely don't like cold drafts or sudden temperature changes. If it gets too cold, they might go into a dormant phase (but this is normal).
Caladium leaves are poisonous to pets and humans. If you eat them, you will have a mouth and stomach irritation, and you might vomit.
Propagating plants by division is very easy. The plant's underground rhizomes will push out their own offsets. These developing plants, or pups, can be separated from the rhizome by simply making a clean cut through it. You can pot this baby plant up directly in soil. The best time to propagate is always in spring or summer when the plant is most resilient. This is also an excellent opportunity to repot the parent plant.
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Hanging Heights

Caladium Lighting Requirements: Full Sun (Bright Direct Light) & High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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