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Chinese Money Plant

SCENTIFIC NAME: Pilea peperomioides

KNOWN AS: Pilea, Pancake Plant, Coin Plant, UFO Plant, Friendship Plant

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Southern China | Humid Subtropical

DESCRIPTION: This plant is delightful because it has round leaves and it produces plantlets (pups) that are easy to propagate.

Chinese Money Plant Care

This plant is both cute and easy to propagate. It produces new plants (pups) that are easy to grow.
Pileas do well in bright, indirect light. If they get too much direct sunlight, their leaves can burn. They can also tolerate lower light levels, but you'll need to water them less and the leaves will be a darker green. Their appearance will also be elongated and sparser.
Pileas like high humidity, but they also appreciate being misted every once in a while to remove dust from their leaves.
The Chinese Money Plant is able to survive in average indoor temperatures, but it may complain if it is exposed to cold drafts or dry heat from vents.
This plant is generally considered safe for pets, but if your pet consumes a lot of it, they might vomit or feel nauseous.
Pilea plants propagate themselves very easily. You will see little mini Pileas growing near the main plant. When they are a few inches long, you can cut them off and replant them.

Hanging Heights

Chinese Money Plant Lighting Requirements: High Light (Bright Indirect Light); Low Light Tolerant

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