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Desert Rose

SCENTIFIC NAME: Adenium obesum

KNOWN AS: Sabi Star, Kudu, Mock Azalea, Impala Lily

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Sub-Saharan Africa | Tropical & Subtropical

DESCRIPTION: This plant has a lot of flowers. It is unusual because it has a plump swollen stem and green leaves. The pink blooms come out in the spring and summer.

Desert Rose Care

Water your soil when it is about 50% to 100% dry. Do not overwater your soil at any cost. watering may be even less frequent during winter months or in less light.
Desert Roses need plenty of light to be healthy. They prefer bright, indirect light for most of the day, with a few hours of direct sunlight each day.
While your Desert Rose doesn't mind high humidity, it will appreciate the occasional misting to help remove dust from its leaves.
This plant loves the heat! It will grow well in temperatures that are over 70°F. If the temperature is lower, the plant will still grow, but it won't grow as much.
All parts of this plant are toxic and should be avoided if you have pets and/or young children.
To propagate a Desert Rose, take a cutting from the top of the stem where there is new growth. Remove any lower leaves so that you have a clear stem. Put the cutting in water or another medium to root it. Desert Roses can be a bit stubborn to root, so you may want to dip the cut stem in rooting hormone first. Once the roots are a few inches long, pot up your new plant!
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Desert Rose Lighting Requirements: Full Sun (Bright Direct Light) & High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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