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SCENTIFIC NAME: Dracaena marginata

KNOWN AS: Dragon Tree, Madagascar Dragon Tree

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Madagascar | Subtropical

DESCRIPTION: These indoor trees have grass-like blades that come out from the top of their branches. They are very eye-catching. People sometimes mistake them for palm trees. But they are actually related to Snake Plants and Yucca!

Dracaena Care

Water your soil when it is about 50% dry. Do not water too much. watering may be less frequent in winter or in areas with less light.
Medium to bright, indirect light is best for a Dracaena. However, they can tolerate low light, too. Just take extra precautions when watering and don't expect the plant to grow very much.
While high humidity doesn't really bother your Dracaena, they will appreciate the occasional misting. This will help remove dust from their leaves and keep brown edges away.
This plant can adapt to indoor temperatures, but it might complain if it's too cold or hot.
The toxins in the leaves can lead to mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting in humans and pets if consumed. The toxins are particularly harmful to pets that are fond of chewing on the ribbon-like leaves.
There are two ways to propagate a Dracaena. You can either use a stem or stub cutting. If you cut off the bottom of a leggy plant, you can try using both methods. For the top piece, remove the lower leaves so you have a clear stem before rooting it in water or another medium. For the small chunks of stem, just lay them horizontally in potting mix and push them into the soil halfway. The stub cuttings will take root and leaves will sprout soon!

Hanging Heights

Dracaena Lighting Requirements: Medium Light (Medium Indirect Light) to High Light (Bright Indirect Light); Low Light Tolerant

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