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Fishbone Cactus

SCENTIFIC NAME: Disocactus anguliger

KNOWN AS: Zig Zag Cactus, Ric Rac Cactus

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Central America | Tropical

DESCRIPTION: Fishbone cacti are unique plants that have leaves that grow in a zigzag pattern. The leaves grow straight up, and then curve down as they get bigger.

Fishbone Cactus Care

Water your soil deeply, but allow the top half to dry out between waterings. Reduce how often you water in winter or in lower light conditions.
The ideal light for this plant is bright, indirect light. If it gets too much direct sunlight, the leaves might burn. If it's in a place with lower light, you will need to adjust how much you water it and expect slower growth.. You might also notice that the plant grows very thin and stretched out when it doesn't have enough light.
This plant will do well if you increase the humidity. You might see tiny white aerial roots looking for moisture if it is kept too dry.
Generally speaking, most people find indoor temperatures around 60-70°F to be comfortable. However, this cactus doesn't like big changes in temperature, so you'll want to avoid drafts or heating vents that might cause the room's temperature to fluctuate too much.
Generally, this product is safe to use around pets. However, if they consume a lot of it, they might vomit or feel sick.
To propagate a Fishbone Cactus, you can take cuttings. Cut the stem off a cactus, making sure it is about 5 inches long. Let the cutting callus over first by setting out on a dry surface. Once it has callused over, pot it up in a fast draining potting mix and you should see new buds forming soon!

Hanging Heights

Fishbone Cactus Lighting Requirements: High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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