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Parlor Palm

SCENTIFIC NAME: Chamaedorea elegans

KNOWN AS: Neanthe Bella Palm, Victorian Palm, Good Luck Palm

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Central America | Tropical

DESCRIPTION: This feathery palm is very elegant. It is usually grown in bundles or clumps. Even a small specimen will look good. More mature specimens are perfect for anchoring any space with their tall fronds.

Parlor Palm Care

Always water your plants, but make sure to let the top inch or two dry out before watering again. In winter, be especially careful not to water too much.
Parlor Palms do well in medium to bright, indirect light. However, they can also tolerate low light. Just be sure to water them carefully and don't expect them to grow very much.
Parlor Palms like a little humidity, but they don't like it too humid. You can give them a misting every once in a while to help them stay clean and to avoid brown edges.
This plant can adapt to average indoor temperatures, but it may complain if it's too cold or hot. It prefers the warmer side, with temperatures between 65-85°F.
This plant is safe for your whole family, including pets and children. Even if someone takes a bite out of it, they won't get poisoned!
This plant is difficult to propagate. Most people do it with seeds, but that can be difficult. Another way is to divide the plant, but be careful not to damage the roots. You can pull them apart or cut them if they are too rootbound. Then you can pot each one up into its own container.
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Hanging Heights

Parlor Palm Lighting Requirements: High Light (Bright Indirect Light); Low Light Tolerant

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