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Pencil Cactus

SCENTIFIC NAME: Euphorbia tirucalli

KNOWN AS: Indian Tree Spurge, Pencil Tree, Milk Bush, Fire Sticks, Sticks on Fire, Aveloz

CLIMATE (LOCATION): Africa & India | Tropical (semi-arid)

DESCRIPTION: This plant looks like it belongs in a coral reef. It has a lot of stems and branches that are all the same thickness. This is why it is called pencil cactus. But another name for it is fire sticks. This is because the stems can change color from green to yellow, orange, and pink!

Pencil Cactus Care

Water your soil when it is about 50% to entirely dry. But be careful not to water too much! You might not need to water as often during winter or in less light.
Pencil Cacti thrive in bright, indirect light in combination with some direct light.
Your Pencil Cactus may not mind high humidity, but it will appreciate being misted occasionally to remove dust.
This plant loves the heat! It will grow best in temperatures that are over 70°F. If the temperature is lower than that, it can still survive, but it will not grow as much.
The Pencil Cactus is poisonous to both pets and humans. If you come into contact with the sap, you may have a moderate to severe allergic reaction. To avoid any problems, consider wearing gloves when tending to the plant, keep it away from children and pets, and wash your hands after handling.
To propagate a Pencil Cactus, you can take stem cuttings. Rinse or wipe off the sap. To lessen the chance of rot, let the cutting callus over first. You can then pot up in a fast draining potting mix and soon you should see new buds forming!
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Hanging Heights

Pencil Cactus Lighting Requirements: Full Sun (Bright Direct Light) & High Light (Bright Indirect Light)

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