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Wall Fairlead 2-Pack

Color: Black

This pack of Fairleads is a must if you wish to fix your Aspect™ cable to the wall or ceiling.

This small accessory will allow you to creatively manage your cables while staying low-profile.

What’s Included
  • 2 Wall Fairleads
  • Screws and drywall anchor
  • Made by Creative Cables
Hanging Heights for the Small Aspect

The small Aspect grow light is recommended for most low to moderate light plants at an average hanging distance of 24" to 36".

Hanging Heights for the Large Aspect

Despite the compact, aluminum profile of the Aspect, it has the power to grow everything from houseplants to small trees with ease.

Full Sun Plants

Full sun plants can be challenging; however they are usually the most intriguing and rewarding. Traditionally these varieties of plants are grown outdoors where they can receive as much sun as possible.

High Light Plants

High light plants require a higher level of sun than most others. Traditionally, these plants would do best in a south facing window where they would receive direct light most of the day.


*Your choice depends on the size of the plant.

Moderate Light Plants

Moderate light plants, sometimes called medium light plants, are plants that only require a moderate level of sun and are often known to be the easy plants to care for. Traditionally, moderate light plants should stay out of direct sunlight but still should be in a bright room.


*Your choice depends on the size of the plant and how high you want to hang the Aspect.

Low Light Plants

While all plants need some light to live, low light plants are the most adaptable to low-light conditions making them an easy green addition to low lit spaces.


0.07 lbs


Creative Cables

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