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10 Best Office Pendant Lights in 2021  

10 Best Office Pendant Lights in 2021  

When it comes to office lighting, Soltech Solutions has gone to great lengths to research designs that not only illuminate the workspace, but also look great doing it. As the leading manufacturer of decorative grow lights, we understand what it takes to make office pendant lights that balance form and function. To help you find the perfect lighting for your workspace, we have listed the 10 best office pendant lights for 2021 (please note, this list is not in a specific order).

West Elm Sculptural Glass Pendant ($29-$139)

Best Office Pendant Lights

West Elm Sculptural Glass Pendant

West Elm offers some attractive glass pendants that you can actually customize on your own. With the Sculptural Glass Pendant, you can choose from a few different metal canopies as well as shades of glass. Coming in at a price tag of under $140, the Sculptural Glass Pendant is a great choice for most offices.

Anthropologie Eloise Pendant ($358)

Best Office Pendant Lights The Eloise Pendant from Anthropologie features beautiful milk glass incorporated with a brass base design. The shape of the light fixture, combined with the black and white coloring, provides an interesting vintage look to the office. While on the higher end of the cost spectrum, the Eloise Pendants bring a feeling of sophistication to the workspace that is worth the extra expense for certain people.

Flowerpot VP1 Pendant ($305)

Best Office Pendant Lights

Flowerpot VP1 Pendant

Designer Verner Panton put together the Flowerpot VP1 Pendant. Inspired by 1960’s lighting design and architecture, it hearkens back to the peace and love generation. By combining a beige red color with curved shapes, it seems to celebrate the movement of celestial bodies.

Lunar Pendant No. 767 ($206)

Lunar Pendant No. 767, Clear Glass Shade, Brushed Nickel Hardware
Lunar Pendant No. 767 features a beautifully handcrafted glass globe. The glasswork includes handblown bubbles that offer a custom experience for every lamp. Light bends in interesting ways as it catches the glass when passing through the globe. Because it is also a piece of art, this handmade pendant makes for an attractive addition to any office.

Soltech Aspect Grow Light ($150)

Best Office Pendant Lights

Soltech Solutions Aspect Grow Light

The Soltech Aspect is a modern pendant light that comes in either black or white. The light was designed to fit with just about any interior design layout. While it makes a great ceiling light for the corner of the room, many people also enjoy the Soltech Aspect as a working office light. Importantly, the Soltech Aspect is the only pendant light on this list that doubles as a plant grow light. As such, you can decorate your office and desk with vibrant houseplants and keep them healthy with this incredible light.

Starlake 1 Light Mini Pendant ($99)

Best Office Pendant Lights

Starlake 1 Light Mini Pendant

For an industrial look at the office, the Starlake 1 Light Mini Pendant is an affordable and attractive option. With a bronze finish and metal cage around the bulb, the fixture resembles those found in 20th-century factories and farmhouses. Coming in at just under $100, the Starlake 1 Light Mini Pendant is a great way to accentuate an office in a reclaimed industrial setting.

Cielo by Pablo Designs ($260)

Best Office Pendant Lights

Cielo by Pablo Designs

The Cielo by Pablo Designs is an interesting lamp that celebrates the modern look in nearly every capacity. Whether it be in a black, white, or chrome finish, this pendant light comes in an original shape that is sure to grab peoples’ attention. You can even add color to the bottom of the fixture if needs be.

Light Single Geometric Pendant ($108)

Best Office Pendant Lights

Light Single Geometric Pendant

The Light Single Geometric Pendant offers an interesting wood material blended with a cage design. Designed in a quadrilateral shape, this pendant light brings a farmhouse feel to the office. The Light Single Geometric Pendant will also work well in most industrial office buildings.

Lumens Drift Linear Suspension ($599)

Best Office Pendant Lights

Lumens Drift Linear Suspension

Coming in at $600, the Lumens Drift Linear Suspension is the most expensive pendant light on our list. The attractive, wood-finished fixture hangs from two chords suspended from the ceiling. As the actual lighting piece is a long LED strip, the Lumens Drift Linear Suspension can light up even the darkest workplaces.

Nut C by MZPA ($390)

Best Office Pendant Lights

Nut C by MZPA

Designer Yulia Kononenko put together the highly original “NUT C” lamp collection. Following the actual shapes of nuts, these pendant lights incorporate milk glass globes with woodgrain bases. The resulting organic shapes are highly original, with a couple of models also resembling bottles of wine. Contact Soltech Solutions with Questions As the leading manufacturer of decorative grow lights, Soltech Solutions pays careful attention to form and function in lighting design. Please Contact Us with questions about the best office pendant lights.