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10 Best Succulent Wall Planters To Bring Living Art To Your Walls

10 Best Succulent Wall Planters To Bring Living Art To Your Walls

Having succulents in your house is a great way to add some greenery without adding a laundry list of tasks to take care of them. They can be real attention grabbers due to their unique shape and style. They almost look fake, due to their waxy and firm leaves. In this article we'll cover our picks for the 10 best succulent wall planters.

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Succulents are a very resilient plant. Their hard and waxy leaves allow them to retain water and hold off predation. This allows them to survive droughts, which can be especially handy if you work long hours or travel frequently and therefore cannot have a consistent watering schedule. A problem that tends to arise with indoor plants is that the more you add, the more cramped a room can feel. You can get cluttered tables or desks and it may make your room feel smaller than it is. If you already live in a tiny city apartment, you want to maximize the space in your home so it doesn’t feel so cramped. The solution to this problem is actually all around you. Using the space on your walls will allow you to take advantage of all the space available for your plants. Instead of purchasing overpriced paintings or having blank walls, put your greenery up there to add some life to your home. Check out this blog on the pros and cons of indoor walls to learn more about plant walls and how you can use them as art. What pot is best for your succulents? Before you try and staple your plant pots to the wall, take time to understand what pots would be best to hang your succulents in. The best pots for succulents are made from terracotta or ceramic as these materials are breathable. This allows for proper water drainage and air circulation. The downside to these materials is that they are heavy, so the proper wall attachment will be vital to ensure they do not fall and break. From baskets to mounted pots, there are a variety of ways to hang plants on walls. Here are our picks for 10 wall planters for your succulents.

Terracotta Wall Pot

succulent wall planters

This terracotta plant pot comes with a premade hole designed specially for hanging on vertical surfaces.

This pot from Verdecora, is a well designed plant pot for your succulents. Made of terracotta clay, it suits succulents very well as it is breathable and has good drainage. Terracotta plant pots are very common and cheap, so you will be able to find them in a variety of places. If you want to hang these on your wall, this pot is a great place to start as there is a hole along with a flat backside to fit along a wall comfortably.

Asher Rope Hanging Wall Shelf

succulent wall planters

A hanging wall shelf is not only great for a plant such as a succulent, but other things as well like candles to bring the ambiance of a room together.

Why just limit your wall art to plants? This hanging shelf from Urban Outfitters allows for the safekeeping of your succulents and provides ample room for other pieces of art, whether that be mini statues, candles or ceramic vases, the possibilities are endless. This mango wood plank with cotton strings is sure to show off your succulents.

Wally Eco Wall Planter

The Wally Eco Wall Planter is a small, sleek, eco-friendly planter that looks great on any wall.

One aspect of plant care that can often be overlooked is the environmentally friendly side. We all know how certain plastic pots can release chemicals into the soil or how they pile up at landfills, taking thousands of years to decompose. Why not treat your succulent to an eco-friendly planter such as the Wally Eco Wall Planter. It is very easy to assemble and provides good drainage for your succulents.

Framed Pyramid Hanging Terrarium

succulent wall planters

This terrarium from holds succulents very well and presents them in a nice hung fashion.

Terrariums are always a great place to display plants. They give off a museum-type vibe, with the main display being enclosed behind glass for anyone to observe. This terrarium from provides a stable home for your succulents while also adding an artistic feeling with the design. Hang a couple of these around your walls and you will definitely grab the attention of any visitors.

Loop Hanging Planter

succulent wall planters

The Loop Hanging Planter comes in a variety of colors to add a bit of life to your wall.

This loop hanging planter from Soltech Solutions is another environmentally friendly option that offers great drainage. Made from recycled milk jugs, you can rest assured knowing that you are doing your part to keep the Earth clean, while also adding some beauty to your walls. It is easy to install and will liven up any wall it is hung upon.

Self Watering Hanging Planters

succulent wall planters

These self watering planters are effective at holding your plants up on a wall as well as making your watering schedule easier by doing it for you.

You know that succulents don’t need a ton of water. While this is true, they still will need watering at some point. Instead of remembering the last time you watered your succulents, utilize the capillary technology in these self watering plants to take care of it for you. Similar to the terracotta pots from earlier, these have flat backs and a hole designed for hanging on walls.

Sphere Hanging Basket

succulent wall planters

This hanging metal planter is a great way to house your succulents.

This steel hanging basket from Terrain would be a great place for your succulents to thrive. They are frost resistant so the changing of temperatures throughout the year won’t degrade the quality of this basket. You simply just line the bottom with soil or moss and place your succulents right on top for a nice little centerpiece to your indoor wall garden.

TomCare Hanging Planter

succulent wall planters

This hanging planter is a great way to add some height to the room by putting your succulents in them.

The TomCare Hanging Planter is a 2-tiered basket made from seagrass. It comes with a plastic inner liner and therefore is easy to use, whether you put pots, soil or trays inside of it. The seagrass rope is not only environmentally friendly, but also sturdy as well so you won’t have to worry about it falling and ruining your wall art.

Charcoal Cork Hanging Planter

succulent wall planters

This hand turned charcoal cork planter gives off a vintage vibe while being a secure place to keep your succulents.

The Charcoal Cork Hanging Planter from Melanie Abrantes Designs is a unique take on a vintage style plant pot. Throwing back to the 1970’s, this cork planter is good for plants as cork is naturally porous. Storing your succulents in here will not only give theme good drainage, but also give off a feeling like there is no pot, and that the soil is just magically floating there.


succulent wall planters

Wooden planks can be found at any hardware store and used to make different types of wall art for you to show off your plants.

As the saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Instead of scouring the internet or shops for hours looking for the perfect wall planter that will fit your room’s chic, get some materials and make a wall planter yourself! This way, you’ll be able to have a planter that fits the exact style you are going for. Stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot have tons of materials you can use for a project like this. The best part about this option is that you get to express yourself. You can make your wall art how you want to. The options are endless for you to house your succulents.