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10 Online Plant Stores to be Thankful for!

10 Online Plant Stores to be Thankful for!

10 Online Plant Stores to be Thankful for Any plant, any time, any where

So, Once you have your first Aspect Plant Light, You suddenly have endless opportunities to turn your life into your Plant Goals Pinterest board. It’s time to transform that dark empty space into a plant paradise. Next step, treat yourself to the plants of your dreams. The only problem is not every neighborhood has that quaint little plant shop that you always see on Instagram. So what do you do? You go online and you buy those plants you’ve always wanted. And for that opportunity, we’re thankful.

Pick your perfect plant

Traditionally, a plant shop in Seattle can’t stock all the plants that could be stocked in a Florida shop. But now with online plant stores, you can get exactly what you want, when you want. Plus with our plant grow lights, you can grow it where you want. We know that it’s more fun getting to peruse the lush green aisles of the local plant nursery that you regularly support, but again, sometimes you need more options. So for those of you who like your plants a la carte, what we’ve done is gone ahead and compiled our favorite online plant stores that range in specialty from succulents to trees. Plants online – the easiest way to add more plants to your home/office, and just one more thing to be thankful for this Fall and Winter season. Aspect 40w White Plant Light

1. The Sill

The Sill is definitely one of the hippest online plant stores around. They ship almost every type of houseplant out of their flagship Brooklyn shop. Be sure to catch their latest additions on Instagram! The Sill

2. Bower & Branch

If quality is what you’re after, then Bower & Branch is your go-to. Some of the most beautiful trees you can find on the internet. They also have an innovative platform and service to help you find your perfect tree. Bower and Branch

3. Gurton's

Gurton’s is a Portland, OR based shop that has been in the family for 7 generations and just cut the ribbon for their new online service. Now you can get all the plants have been cared for by the Gurton family online. Gurtons

4. Mountaincrest Gardens

Mountain Crest Gardens is definitely where you want to buy your succulents from online. The most extensive variety of succulents you can find online with very great pricing. Mountaincrest Gardens

5. Via citrus

Via Citrus is where you want to go for citrus trees. If you’re interested in another house plant but want to take it up a notch, consider their Calamondin, Key Lime or Meyer Lemon trees. Via citrus

6. Bloomscape

Their slogan says it all…”living room ready plants delivered to your door”. Another great option if you’re looking to spruce up your space with some houseplants. Bloomscape

7. The Bouqs Co.

If you’re looking for a bouquet or floral arrangement then we’d recommend The Bouqs Co. One neat aspect is how they give you a little information on the origin and grower of each bouquet. Bouqs

8. Modern Sprout

If you just need a place to get started, the check out Modern Sprout and their lines of starter kits featuring all different types of herbs and spices. A great way to break in your green thumb. Modern Sprout

9. Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees is where you’ll find a plethora of plant options. From blueberries to white paper birch, you can get it all here. Fast Growing Trees

10. Terrain

While they’re mostly focused on plant accessories they do have a unique collection of succulents and hanging plants. You’ll probably leave the site with a couple of great planters also though. Terrain