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10 Gorgeous Watering Cans For Your Indoor Garden Oasis

10 Gorgeous Watering Cans For Your Indoor Garden Oasis

The watering can. A staple of the garden. Growing up, you likely had your own tiny watering can to help your parents with their gardens. In an era of constant modernization and innovation, watering cans remain a useful tool in the everyday life of gardeners.

Now you may think, why are they important? Surely a water bottle with some holes poked in the top can do the same job. While this DIY project might benefit you in some situations, watering cans can be made for a multitude of different types of plants.

What makes watering cans so important?

As you have probably come to learn, watering your plants is a vital and difficult process. Getting it just right can take lots of practice, and results can vary depending on the plant. If you were to water your plants straight from a hose, you may be overwatering them without realizing. Certain hoses have wider nozzles than others, while the amount of water that comes out of the hose can depend on the water pressure in your home. These factors can all affect the viability of your plants, so it is important to control as many of these factors as possible.

What makes a good watering can?

There are a variety of specs that can make a watering can good or bad. As is the case with a lot of things in life, whether the specs are good or bad comes down to perspective.

Are your plants in pots on the ground? Are they hanging plants in baskets? Are they part of a big plant wall with its own drainage system? Are you plants physically planted into the ground?

Watering cans can have different length nozzles so if you have to get right down to a plant’s base through the foliage of other plants, you should get a longer, skinnier spout. If you have a bigger plant by itself with ample space, a wider more shower like spout might be best.

If your plant requires a drizzle of water rather than needing soaked soil, the head type of the spout will be important too. Different shaped cans will be useful in different spots so figure out what plants you want to use the can for before purchasing your watering can.

Here are our top 10 gorgeous watering cans for your indoor garden oasis.

Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can

The Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can is a 2.6 gallon watering can with an ergonomic handle.

One of the most difficult things about a watering can is the handle. Typically, the handle is an afterthought and can be overlooked. Ergonomically, watering cans can be taxing on your wrists due to the angle which you need to hold the can. On top of this, you may need to contort your can in such a way to reach certain plants in your garden, which can lead to spillage or just general discomfort.
The Easy Pour watering can from Bloem eases these issues, with a dual handle that allows you to hold the can in a more comfortable position while watering. Continuing with this ease of use trend, this can has a filling hole in the side of the can to allow you to fill it without needing to navigate the handles. With a capacity of 2.6 gallons, your plants will be well watered without needing to constantly fill it up.

It also has a 2-in-1 adjustable water spout to provide a light shower or a heavier more concentrated stream. This versatility will allow you to water a wide range of plants depending on their needs.

Bosmere Haws Handy Plastic Watering Can

This can is on the smaller side, but with its long and skinny spout, it can get in places that larger cans struggle to.

Bigger isn’t always better. For weight purposes alone, smaller watering cans are able to be more worthwhile due to them holding less water. A gallon of water at room temperature can weigh up to 8 pounds. The Bosmere Haws Handy Plastic watering can holds 700 mL of water, or 0.1 gallons. This makes it one of the lighter cans especially when filled.

For those with small, indoor plants, this is a great option. With its long spout, it offers a consistent yet soft flow to ensure that the correct amount of water gets to your plants.

Garden Trading 1.9L Indoor Watering Can

This powder coated steel watering can is great for hanging pots or pots on high shelves.

The Indoor watering can from Garden Trading is one of the best on the market. Made from Galvanized Steel, this watering can will be protected from rust, allowing for a long lifespan. Coming in with dimensions of 23 X 40.5 X 15cm, it’s big enough to hold a good amount of water while being small enough to easily maneuver indoors. Holding 0.5 gallons of water, it won’t get too heavy either, especially for those pots you have hanging from the ceiling or on a high shelf.

Yummy Sam Watering Can

With a detachable nozzle head, you are able to get two different types of flow from the same watering can!

The Yummy Sam Watering can with detachable spray head is a great option to have if your garden has more delicate plants. WIth a 15” spout, you’ll be able to reach the base of your plants as well as cover a wide area of plant foliage. The shower head attachment softens the flow enough to not crush or damage weaker plants and foliage, but is consistent enough to ensure your plants get the proper amount of water.

Vattenkrasse from Ikea

The Vattenkrasse from Ikea is an elegant watering can that is also cheap and functional.

If you are looking for a chic yet functional watering can, look no further than the Vattenkrasse from Ikea. Coming in at just 6 inches tall, this mini watering can is perfect for those with smaller indoor gardens such as bonsais or succulents. Made from galvanized steel, it will protect against rust giving it a very long lifespan.

Fasmov Plastic Watering Can

Fasmov produces an amazing watering can that is durable as well as ergonomically beneficial.

For those looking for a larger watering can made of a durable high quality plastic, look no further than the Fasmov Plastic Watering Can. Coming in at 10.5” x 5.5” x 15”, this is a larger watering can that is capable of holding up to a gallon of water. With a long and narrow sprout, this can work well when watering plants such as a snake plant, where you can work your way through the foliage and get the water down to the soil level. Its handle is ergonomically beneficial as well as its design allows for easy watering without putting stress on your joints.

Brilliest Long Spout Plastic Watering Can

The transparent body of this watering can allows for you to know exactly how much water you are giving your plants.

This watering can from Brilliest is a small yet highly functional watering can, capable of watering nearly any indoor plant from succulents to hanging terrariums. Made from stainless steel, the spout is long enough to reach the soil level. The body of the can is transparent and has tick marks to signify how much water is in the can. This allows you to precisely measure how much water you are giving your plants.

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can

This Nordic Style watering can not only provide a nice aesthetic but also a functional application with its transparent casing.

The WhaleLife indoor watering can is perfect for everyday household plants such as bonsais. Designed in a Nordic style, this fluid and chic watering can will look gorgeous in your home. The transparent body is capable of holding up to 1.4 L of water, while also having a handle that is both comfortable and ergonomically beneficial.

Beech Wood Handle Watering Can

The Beech Wood Handle Watering can from Terrain is a compact and durable watering can that also gives off a gorgeous chic vibe.

Having a watering can that looks good can almost be as important as one that waterings your plants well. With this watering can from Terrain you can have the best of both worlds. Coming in at 5” tall and 4” diameter, the Beech Wood Handle watering can is small enough to not be an eyesore in your room. With its beautiful chic look, it will fit right into any room, and even add a bit of a garden feel to it.

Brass Mister

This brass mister form The Sill will meet all of your misted plants’ needs.

While this is not exactly a watering can, misters can be just as useful especially considering the type of plant you have. If your plants have lots of foliage, love high humidity or originate from the jungle such as lucky bamboo or boston ferns, you will need to mist them. It is also smart to mist seedlings, as they may not be able to handle direct watering in their early stages of life.

This mister holds 10 oz of water and is 5.75” H x 3.5” W, making it one of the smaller options on this list. However, despite its small stature, it is capable of bringing beauty and high quality watering to your indoor garden.