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20 Beautiful Plant Tables and Shelves

20 Beautiful Plant Tables and Shelves

We spend so much time keeping our plant babies beautiful and healthy. Doing all the research, memorizing every watering schedule, and pruning to perfection is not always easy! Once our plants are potted and thriving, of course we want to display them in a way to compliment them best.

We have compiled a list of our 20 favorite plant tables and shelves to help you flaunt your beautiful plants and incorporate them into your interior design aesthetic!


Shelves are a great choice if you want to display your plants like you would a piece of fine art. They help free up counter space and let your plants have their own moment! These shelves range from classic and chic to modern and funky. Whatever your style, you can always find a shelf to draw attention to your display or to sit back and let your plant shine.

Floating Plant Stand from Etsy: $39

Window Plant Shelf from Etsy: $31- $98

Floating Wall Shelves from West Elm: $45 - $110
LED Lighted Rustic Floating Shelf from Etsy: $89 - $296
3 Piece Accent Shelf from Wayfair: $70 - $102

Rustic Plant Stands

If your design aesthetic is homely and classic, these rustic plant stands could be a great choice for you! Wooden stands bring additional natural elements into your home to complement your greenery. You can’t go wrong with one of these stands for a cottage-core design.

Bench Wood Plant Stand from Hobby Lobby: $49
Hairpin Leg Stand from Etsy: $149 - $189

3 Tier Bamboo Ladder from Amazon: $43
Rustic Triple Planter Stand from Walmart: $56

Modern Plant Stands

Is your style modern and whimsical? Or maybe you want to add a few sleek pieces to your home? We selected an array of modern plant stands that will enhance your interior decor in different ways. From bold colors to polished surfaces, we’re sure one of these modern options will pique your interest.

Color-Customizable End Table from Etsy: $165
Parul Plant Stand from Urban Outfitters: $79
Narro Black Side Table from Article: $199
Display Cube from Amazon: $90
Sandy Modern Plant Pedestal from Target: $25
Pink 2-Tier Plant Stand from Homary: $189
Willow Green Side Table from Article: $249

Other Favorites

We couldn’t leave out some of our top choices, even though they don’t always fit into a typical theme. Check out a few modern-rustic crossover pieces, tall iron stands, and a staircase-inspired display below!

Tall Iron Plant Stand from Terrain: $68
White Metal and Wood 3-Tier Plant Stand from World Market: $125
Wooden Plant Stand from Etsy: $28
Spiral Staircase Display Shelf from Wayfair: $209

What are your favorite options? Which style do you want to explore next? Whichever you choose, or if you are inspired to go on a plant-stand shopping spree, there are plenty of options for reliable and beautiful plant stands on the market!