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The 3 Best Houseplants that Live up to the Hype

Are you looking to invest in some new houseplants, but you’re not sure which ones live up to the hype? We’ve got you covered! At Soltech Solutions, we’re constantly learning about the latest in green home decor trends to help you better understand which plants are best for you and your home. We love to experiment with plants, we have many of these three houseplants in our office here in Bethlehem. Here are three houseplants that we believe everyone will enjoy.


1. Monstera (Monstera deliciosa)

Also known as the Swiss Cheese plant, the Monstera has been a popular household favorite for years. Not only is it exotic looking and right on trend, it’s also large and quick to grow! Most plant lovers are excited to learn that it does well in indoor light due to its origins in the rainforests of Panama and Mexico. The floors of rainforests do not get a lot of light due to the taller tree foliage blocking most of it. This means that the Monstera needs to be able to make the most of the light it does receive. The notorious holes and splits that give this plant its signature look is likely a result of evolution. As you now know, they do not get a lot of light in the rainforest, so these holes allow light to pass down to the lower leaves on it. If only the trees were so considerate to the Monstera! houseplants monstera

A Monstera plant with a Soltech Solution Vita Grow Light

For a more subtle take, try a variegated Monstera to add a unique look and atmosphere to your home. The subtle touches of white really bring a room together and make this plant the focal point of any home. We especially love that they’re very easy to propagate. Check out our Monstera propagation video and our blog How to Propagate and Replant a Monstera to learn how!

2. Orchid (Orchidaceae)

Are you obsessed with cut flowers, but wish they lasted for longer than a week at a time? If so, the Orchid plant is perfect for you! Orchids are perennials meaning they can live for 2 years or more. Many Orchids are sold in full bloom, granting you the instant gratification of having fresh flowers to place in your home. The blooms can also last up to 3 months and rebloom for years to come. houseplants orchid

Various orchids with some of the many colors they can exhibit sourced via

Orchids exhibit a fun biological phenomenon called bilateral symmetry. This means that the flower looks the same on the left side as the right side. This symmetry really adds to the aesthetic of the flower and makes it easy to look at. Orchids are found in a spectrum of vibrant colors, from white to yellow and even purple. With so many options, we’re confident you’ll find an Orchid plant to fit your style!

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

Labelled the “it” plant of the year by The New York Times, the Fiddle leaf fig tree is the ultimate statement plant. Its royal presence upgrades the atmosphere of any space. Native to the rainforests of Western Africa, these houseplants get their names from their fiddle shaped leaves. These leaves have a more leathery feel to them than those of the Monstera, however that does not take away from how beautiful this plant is. They can be finicky with their environment because of their demand for high light, but if you have a large window to place them next to, this shouldn’t be a problem. If not, a grow light is a fantastic solution. Try our signature Aspect or a Highland track for a minimalist design, or choose any fixture your inner designer desires with the Vita grow bulb! houseplants fiddle leaf fig

Two Fiddle fig plants groomed to grow differently

Though smaller Fiddle leaf figs are available, a mature tree can grow up to 10 feet tall! It is important to be wary of that as this tree might outgrow your house, so it is advised to have a backup plan in case the plant gets to be too much such as a backyard to plant it in. On the bright side, if your plant does grow to be that big, it is very happy, and you have done a great job caring for it. This plant is versatile, depending on how your groom it, it can look like a small bush or a long slim tree among other styles. Be sure to check out our in-depth guide on growing and caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig! Fiddle leaf fig plants are not the easiest plant to take care of, but if done correctly their beauty will definitely be worth the time and effort. They tend to like warm, humid environments that mimic the conditions of the rainforests they originate from. A location near a south or western facing window would be best. They enjoy lots of light so if you are unable to provide a lot of natural light to this plant an LED Grow Light is a fantastic alternative.