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New Year, New Plants: 3 Low Maintenance Houseplants to Buy in 2021

New Year, New Plants: 3 Low Maintenance Houseplants to Buy in 2021

A new year calls for new houseplants to buy for your home! We’re very excited to be ringing in 2021 with three new plants in the office. They’re perfectly low maintenance and brighten up any interior space. We think you’ll love them too! Here are 3 Houseplants to buy in 2021.

3 Low Maintenance Houseplants to Buy in 2021

Ginseng Ficus Tree (Ficus microcarpa)

With its thick trunk and exposed roots, the Ginseng Ficus Tree is a bonsai that’s guaranteed to bring a cool, zen vibe to any room! Though low maintenance, our Ficus friend is finicky when it comes to wind. Keep it away from vents and drafts! This tree is also tolerant of being over and under watered, as long as you don’t let the top inch of its soil dry out for too long. It’s happy to hang out in most lighting conditions, but truly thrives in high light. We like to keep ours under an Aspect LED Grow Light for maximum growth and maximum style. It’s a beautiful, powerful pendant grow light that’s a must-have in any plant lover’s collection! 3 Houseplants to Buy in 2021

Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant)

The Pilea has been a common sight in the last two years, but it was previously rare to own in the west due to an incredibly high demand. With its rounded, pepperoni shaped leaves, we completely understand the hype! Though it looks exotic, the Pilea is far from high maintenance. This money plant appreciates spaces with plenty of indirect light and has medium to high watering needs. Make sure to water it before it gets droopy. When you take care of it right, it’ll reward you with its fast growth. We’ve noticed that it likes to grow in one direction – make sure to rotate your planter or stake it if you prefer a uniform look! 3 Houseplants to Buy in 2021

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Make the devil your new best friend with this notoriously hard to kill plant named the Devil’s Ivy. Its ability to thrive in neglect and its gorgeous draping vines make it one of the most popular houseplants in the world! We love showing the Pothos off in various hanging baskets and highly recommend the Eco Wall Planters from Wallygro. They come in a diverse range of colors and are made from 100% recycled bottles in the USA. Not only are they sustainable, but they’re effective planters with an innovative breathable and leak proof design. 3 Houseplants to Buy in 2021