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7 Creative Ways to Keep your Quarantine Positive

7 Creative Ways to Keep your Quarantine Positive

Since we are all forced to quarantine – here at Soltech Solutions, we figured it was a great time to make a list of the positive sides of staying home with your plants and grow lights! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in their homes and that this list provides some comfort and ideas for the weeks to come! Enjoy these 7 creative ways to keep your quarantine positive!

1. Rearrange Your Space

Since we are all living at home, take this time to rearrange your space. If you have not already gotten sick of looking at the same furniture and setup every day, you probably will soon. Take this extra time at home to rearrange! Put your couch somewhere new! Move your plants around! Giving yourself a new outlook on a space can increase creativity and efficiency.

2. Extra TLC for your Plants

Although you may not be thrilled about being stuck at home, we are sure that your plants are happy about it! Now that you are a full-time plant parent, you can pay extra attention to them. We do not mean start watering more than you usually do, but just be on higher alert for when leaves start to droop or look brown. You would be shocked at how much improvement can come from a little bit of TLC.

3. Lights = Happiness

If you have grow lights at home, you may or may not be aware that some grow lights are equally helpful for humans as they are for plants. Some grow lights work the same way SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps do for people with seasonal depression. If you are feeling low or glum one day, try sitting closer to your grow light!

4. Innovation

If your plants are thriving with their new care and attention, there’s a good chance they may grow enough that you need to repot them. This is a great time for you to innovate! Instead of going to the store or ordering online, what around your house can you use as a new pot? Where is a new place your plant can thrive? Take this time to test your creative abilities!

5. Try Growing Something New

If your current plants are doing fine or if you do not have any yet, why not try growing something new? There are countless videos online of ways you can use what is in your fridge to grow something new. From avocado pits to lemon seeds to potato roots, there are plenty of plants you can start growing at home!

6. New Recipes

quarantine positive

With those new plants you can grow, this is also a great time to try new recipes. I am sure we have all found some food in our fridge or pantry that we do not have any use for anymore – why not try to cook or bake with it? There are many resources online to help you cultivate recipes even when working with very few ingredients.

7. New Sunlight Patterns

Lastly, while you are home, you might find new ways the sun travels within different rooms. Maybe you have never seen how the 10am sun comes through your bathroom or bedroom window. Looking for these new patterns can be useful because you may find new and better homes for your plants! We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We would love to hear from you if you come up with any other ways to stay positive during quarantine!