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8 Best Stands For Your Plants

8 Best Stands For Your Plants

The only thing more important than making sure our potted plants are happy and healthy is giving them a proper stand to live on. Our plants should be supported by stands as beautiful (and functional) as they are! We have picked out some of our favorite stands for your plants that put function and style first.

Soltech's Top Plant Stands

1.) Golden Metal Indoor Stand

stands for your plants

Spun Metal Plant Stand from West Elm – $89-$110

These lightweight, metal plant stands are sure to draw attention to whatever plant sits atop them. You can buy the single plant stand or the tiered stand (or both for an automatic duo) in gold or black. These are great specifically for indoor plants, allowing you to keep them on display and in use all year long.

2.) Three Tier Wooden and Concrete Stand

stands for your plants

Abbott Three Tier Plant Stand from Pottery Barn – $499

Wood and concrete are a match made in aesthetic heaven. This 5-foot tall display has shelves that are less than two feet deep, so it can fit in any snug area, such as a wide hallway or propped against a wall without taking up too much living space. Multiple tiers allow staggered display room for multiple of your favorite plants, and additional space to make sure each plant has enough room to thrive.

3.) Wooden Nesting Plant Table Set

stands for your plants

Square Tapered Wood and Metal Plant Stand Set of 2 from Walmart – $29.98

You can never go wrong with space-saving plant tables. This set of two wooden tables is a perfect, affordable duo for a simple display. The square tops are removable, allowing you to use the baskets underneath for storage, and they nest in case you need to save space or want to relocate them with ease!

4.) Rattan Plant Table

stands for your plants

Rattan Plant Table from Steel City Plant Co. – $75

We love this end-table-sized plant stand to add a classic aspect to your plant display. Standing at just over a foot tall, this natural rattan plant table will bring your potted plant right off the ground up to couch level. This smaller table will elevate an individual plant and create a space for some greenery right in your living space.

5.) Satsuma Plant Ladder

stands for your plants

Satsuma from Ikea – $39.99

Small spaces will love this ladder-style plant display. This simple, wooden piece has five steel pots each with 4 ¾” diameters, big enough for smaller plants such as aloe vera or other succulents that grow in a variety of sizes. Having each plant staggered on its own level will allow them each to absorb enough light, either from a window or a grow light.

6.) Two Tier Black and Gold Stand

stands for your plants

Two Tier Plant Stand from Amazon – $42.99

For a slender, modern display, you can’t go wrong with this black and gold stand from Amazon. This display holds up to 45 pounds and is made with steel rods, allowing you to feature just about any medium-sized plant and pot. It stands at about 2 ½ feet tall, so you can even use the top shelf as a bedside table and keep some greenery underneath!

7.) Six Tier Wooden Display

stands for your plants

Costway 6-Tier Flower Wood Stand Plant Display Rack from Target – $149.99

For a more grand plant stand that can display up to nine plants, this indoor/outdoor piece from Target is a great find. You’ll be able to show off a wide variety of your plants all in one place, creating an attractive and hard-to-miss accent to your home. It is made with solid, environmentally-friendly wood, and slotted to maintain circulation for your plants’ health.

8.) Modern Metal Tripod Stand

stands for your plants

Plant Stand - Modern Tall Metal Pot Stand Indoor – $11.99

These trendy tripod stands for your plants will accent your room without taking the attention away from your plants. You can purchase this stand in black, white, or gold, each in 3 heights so you can choose exactly what style and size you want to compliment your various pots! These stands for your plants are small enough that they can be placed on a large table as a centerpiece, or stand on their own to keep your plants close to the ground.