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Kate Pierce Vintage and SolTech Soltutions Apartment Therapy Feature

Kate Pierce Vintage and SolTech Soltutions Apartment Therapy Feature

A Glimpse of Life with the Aspect

Bright, bold and beautiful! It's no wonder Kate Pearce's Long Island abode was featured in the popular Apartment Therapy House tour. Inspiring is an understatement! Be sure to head on over to check out the full House Tour and article by Elaine Musiwa on how and from where Kate Pearce draws her brilliant inspiration. As you can see above her big boastful cactus, Kate is a proud owner of the 40W Black Aspect Grow Light. To start, included in the article Kate remarks on her favorite element as being her spectacular plant collection:

Favorite Element:

My plants, specifically the ridiculously large cactus that smacks you in the face when you walk in the door. Plants are such a great way to easily add pops of bold color and loads of texture. And for those of us living in Northern climates, they rival even the most potent Vitamin D pill in their ability to carry us through winter.

And we couldn't agree more. Finally, be sure to check out the full Apartment Therapy article and Kate's shop Kate Pearce Vintage!
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