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3 Greatest Smelling Houseplants to Perfume Your Home

3 Greatest Smelling Houseplants to Perfume Your Home

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3 Best Smelling and Temporary Houseplants to Perfume Your Home

Plants are a wonderful way to bring a little bit of nature inside, especially during the cold winter months. Decorative plants have become an integral piece of interior design, and now it's even better when those houseplants smell good! In this video and blog post, we'll introduce you to three of our favorite plants that you can use to perfume your home.


First up, we've got daffodils (also known by their botanical name, narcissus). With their delicate, symmetrical petals, daffodils are a favorite spring flower because they're so unbelievably beautiful. They also smell wonderful! Though their scent is difficult to pinpoint, it strikes as a naturally playful floral scent that is not at all harsh or overwhelming. They perfume rooms in a way that feels very pleasant and nice to be around, almost comforting but not super sweet. Trust us when we tell you that these smell amazing! Best Smelling Temporary Houseplants

Freshly cut yellow daffodils in bloom, without bulbs.

However, there’s one distinction that we truly recommend looking out for. Yellow daffodils may smell wonderful, but paper white daffodils have a polarizing reputation as the ‘cilantros of the flower world.’ Though some people can’t get enough of white daffodils, they have a tendency to smell foul, almost like cat urine to others. White daffodils have a different chemical composition from yellow daffodils that cause them to give off different scents, so we would recommend comparing both in person before you choose one to fragrance your home. If you enjoy the look of white daffodils but not their fragrance, consider placing them outside of your home. Whichever color you choose in the end, we’re confident that you won't regret purchasing this plant!

Care guide

Daffodils are very easy to grow and can last all year with the right care. When keeping daffodils and other bulbs as houseplants, keep these ideas in mind:
  • You can force your bulbs to bloom through cold treatment. This is achieved by keeping them in the fridge and then at a cool, sunny window in your house.
  • Choose pots that have good drainage and are six to eight inches deep.
  • When buying bulbs make sure that they are mildew and mold-free.
  • Plant the bulbs close together in your pot. Remember to use new, commercial potting soil and not garden soil.
Daffodils may require a little bit of attention, but are absolutely worth the time and effort! For more information on encouraging flowering in daffodils, visit this article by

Miniature Roses

Next on our list are miniature roses. So many things are simply more appealing when they come in a miniature size, and roses are definitely part of that list! These are an adorable plant to have in your home. Keep in mind that they are not meant to be a houseplant, so your miniature roses will have a short life cycle inside your home.