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How To Choose Indoor Trees For A Healthy Home

How To Choose Indoor Trees For A Healthy Home

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Choosing A Tree For A Healthy Home

2.6 million people, mostly women and children, died prematurely over the period of a year as a result of indoor air pollution associated illnesses. However, many indoor trees naturally purify your home by removing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air. Why is this important? Most newly constructed buildings have higher levels of formaldehyde in the air from the pressed wood used in the construction, carpeting and laminate flooring. Bringing a tree into your home can remove many of those hazards, introduce more oxygen, as well as reduce psychological and physiological stress due to interactions with other indoor plants. It’s hard to justify not having a tree in your home considering both the aesthetic and health benefits it offers. Healthy Home

A fiddle fig leaf tree underneath a Soltech Aspect grow light

Despite the obvious need for a tree in your home, there is a lot to consider when determining which tree is right for you.