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Eco Garden Planters To Save The Earth And Your Wallet Too

Eco Garden Planters To Save The Earth And Your Wallet Too

Eco Garden Planters Can Save the Earth and Your Wallet

Whether you’re thinking of growing your own food at home or want a beautiful garden full of ornamental plants, making eco-friendly planters from toilet rolls, newspapers, old pallets, and biodegradable egg trays is always a good idea as they are easy to do, can even save you a bit of money, and save the environment too. These DIY projects come in handy for eco warriors on a budget considering that the average American spends $90.3 per person on their gardens. Re-purposing biodegradable materials also translates to zero waste since plastic pots and other hazardous materials are no longer bought while items that you’d usually throw away will have a new purpose.

Ideas for the Startup Garden

If you are just starting your garden and planning to grow your plants from seeds, making use of toilet rolls is a bright idea as they are just right for growing seedlings. Apart from being easy to fold to form a base for your soil, toilet rolls are also made from natural materials that can function as additional fertilizer for your plants. What is great about toilet roll pots is that they don’t require. any glue. Another option is to make pots from newspaper. If you have stacks upon stacks of newspaper in your home, they can be woven into small baskets to contain seedlings or even larger plants. If you want to use them to raise seeds, they can just be folded into tiny paper bags with enough space at the base.

Unique Wooden Planters

Wood pallets from the nearby supermarket that are often discarded once products reach their destinations or the ones that are just laying around in your yard can be used to make cute wooden planters. All you need to do is to take the pallets and put them together to make a planter, ensuring that you have four 12 and ½” x 4 and ¾ sides and 13 slats about 18” long. You can play around with the width to ensure that the crate can contain soil and can still let excess water out. You will need a biscuit joiner for this project along with a saw and a drill. If you don’t have carpentry equipment, using a hammer works just as well.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

If your garden space is relatively small, you can make vertical planters to contain herbs and other plants that do not need a lot of room. In fact, you can even hang them right on the wall as shelving to save on space. Apart from being eco-friendly and budget-friendly, vertical wooden shelves also look beautiful. Vertical planters can also give indoor spaces an aesthetic appeal as it brings nature into the home. Using old books as planters is a good idea too. Instead of throwing your old books away, you will be able to extend its lifespan while beautifying your living space.

Why DIY Planters

Making planters from earth friendly materials will lessen your carbon footprint, reduce waste going to landfills, and even offset some of the energy used for making non-biodegradable pots. Biodegradable planters are good for the planet and it will even save you a lot of money. Making your own planters will also make it possible for you to design and build something you truly want.