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Interior Design Shifts Towards a Greener Aesthetic

Interior Design Shifts Towards a Greener Aesthetic

Some of the best parts of the of the changing seasons are decorating your interior & exterior, spending time with family and getting creative. Having the beautiful aesthetic of plants indoors can improve your home in many ways.

From improving the aroma to purifying the air, this is why interior design is shifting towards a green plant aesthetic, modern style that brings life and a warm feel to indoor spaces all year round. Incorporate a fresh take on design by bringing the outdoors inside through living plants and greener aesthetic.

There are so many beneficial factors to having plants in your living space. They add energy and promote a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention you can grow fresh produce and herbs in your own home that can be incorporated into your daily diet. The overall flow of a space can be emphasized through the addition of plants to create a unique, organic feel.

To top it off, a light fixture can add that extra element of elegance and sophistication to showcase a plant. Your modern grow light and plant can stand alone as a piece of art, giving your space that unique characteristic you’re looking for and your neighbor’s will envy.

Natural Cleaner Greener Aesthetic

greener aesthetic

The Aspect Growlight from Soltech not only provides good ambient light for a room, but also important light for your plants to thrive.

Natural lighting and accessories can create a clean, healthy atmosphere without any adding too many elements. Soft and natural lighting enhances a living space to feel warm and comfortable, which is why many people appreciate skylights and large windows. By letting natural light in, your feelings and mood will be brighter and energized.

Natural accessories such as bamboo, wood or earthy, green foliage can have this same effect. These accessories typically generate a clean and active energy to the room that gives your space a personalized, unique characteristic.

The tone automatically becomes warmer compared to glass or plastic, which gives off a cold tone. It’s quite simple to add a natural, sophisticated look to your space by incorporating these simple elements into your home. Plus, a space with more natural elements brings out harmony and balance in your home.

How has COVID affected interior design?

greener aesthetic

Adding a greener aesthetic to your home has positive impacts on your mood, air quality and more

If the pandemic showed one thing, it’s that people are spending a lot more time indoors. With many jobs now being able to be performed remotely at home, a large amount of people could go days without leaving their house, especially in the winter months. With more and more people spending more and more time indoors, owning plants is increasing in popularity.

This idea is called biophilic design, where humans have an innate desire to be amongst nature. The best part about biophilic design is that the opportunities are endless.

You can add a lot of the same plant or vary it up, you can have large eye catching plants such as the Bird of Paradise, or smaller plants such as orchids. Either way, it is important that you design it how you want. At the end of the day, you’re the one living in your house, you might as well enjoy the plants you have there. There are many benefits to having plants in your home, as states previously throughout this article.

From cleaner air, to increased natural light and improved moods, why not add some greener aesthetic to your home today?

How can I begin having a greener aesthetic home?

greener aesthetic

Plants are capable of adding a new dimension to your room alongside The Vita Growlight from Soltech sourced via @stayathomeplantmom4

One of the first questions that people ask when they begin is “Where do I begin?” It can seem daunting, seeing all of these massive interior gardens. But have no fear, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is an interior garden. Start small and slowly grow with your garden.

The more you improve as a gardener, the tougher the plants you can add. Make sure to do your homework, not only on different plants and their needs, but also common mistakes that gardeners make.

Education Resources for Indoor Gardeners

In order to be great at something, you must understand it. This is why we go to school; we are constantly striving to obtain more information. For you to become a good gardener, you have to learn about plants. Check out these two blogs from Soltech, Reasons your plant leaves turn yellow and top 5 fertilizer mistakes to be proactive about your plant care.

Even then, the best plant cultivators in the world have all killed an orchid or two, so don’t get down on yourself if you find certain plants difficult. Just find what works with you and thrive at that. Once you have the plants you can work with, make sure to give them proper light. If you live in an area or home that doesn’t have a great source of natural light, look into growlights such as the Aspect or Vita that have been designed to provide the correct light for your plants to thrive.


The best way to have a greener aesthetic is to have greener products in your home. This blog from Soltech shows 10 great sustainable gifts that you can either treat yourself or a friend with. The one that sticks out to me is the compost bin. As mentioned before, you can grow fresh food and herbs in your own home, but what do you do with dead plant matter and food scraps?

This composting bin will help, by naturally decomposing the organic matter into fertilizer. This way, you make more fertilizer for your plants at home, while also keeping that waste out of landfills. This is great for the environment and adds to that greener aesthetic by actually being good for the environment.