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Learn How the Highland Works

Learn How the Highland Works

Why the Highland Stands Apart

Highland Track Light System


The Highland, one of the world's first luxury grow lights, has struck a balance between a high precision photosynthetic spectrum and supreme lighting quality. This discovery didn’t happen overnight. The Highland is the result of volumes of plant and lighting research and countless series of testing. We did all this because as plant lovers who value interior and architectural design we wanted something new. Most importantly, we wanted it done right.

The Highland Series

There are a few features that make our products stand out from all of the rest. The most important quality is our unique spectrum. The warm white spectrum stands out from our competitors! It is a perfect touch for interior design.


The Highland is the ideal light for both supporting your plants and displaying them beautifully indoors. The color temperature of 3000K and a color rendering index (CRI) value of 97 promises a professional level of color accuracy usually reserved for photographers and art galleries.


Our specially designed warm white LEDs are then set inside our uniquely sleek and modern track light fixtures which are each carefully inspected before being shipped out of our Bethlehem, PA location. The design and development of the Highland has been a long and meticulous process, but the beautiful results have made it more than worth it.

Crash Course: Photosynthetic Spectrums 101

Artificial lighting options for indoor gardeners can sometimes be confusing. A simple search will turn up hundreds of different products. These range from red/blue LED lights, incandescent bulbs, HID systems, fluorescent bulbs and even plasma light! Unlike all of these technologies, the Highland is different because it was made for home décor.

The Science

Plants are able to absorb nearly all wavelengths of light. However, the process is very inefficient. Only a narrow range of blue wavelengths, between 440nm – 460nm, and red wavelengths, between 630nm – 680nm, are easily absorbed by chlorophylls . The result of this discovery lead to highly efficient red/blue LED lighting to take command of the industry. Highland Track Light System Black

Architectural Plant Lighting

While this discovery is great for commercial growers focusing on crop yield, a plant light focusing on the aesthetics as well as health of plants was never available until now. Now with the Highland, the ability to seamlessly integrate plants into beautiful architectural designs has never been simpler.

Highland LED Grow Light (below)

Typical Red and Blue LED Grow Light (below)

The Highland is unique because it creates light using a balance of blue, green and red. The 1:4 ratio of blue to red light is for healthy root and stem development. This is critical because blue light supports root development and dense plant growth, while red light supports plant growth and flowering. An unbalanced spectrum causes deformation, elongation, or a weak root system. There is enough far-red light (680+ nm) to enhance the photosynthetic efficiency of other wavelengths using a process called the Emerson effect.

Typical LED bulbs

used strictly for residential and commercial lighting create white light using only blue and yellow light (below). The lack of red light does not support healthy plant life.

Fluorescent lights (below)

are popular for small plants and starting seedlings. They often do not produce enough red light to support most plants. These bulbs also contain harmful mercury and have a short lifespan.

High-intensity discharge and metal-halide lights (below)

are popular bulbs used in large commercial grow operations. These bulbs consume the most electric and produce the highest amounts of light and heat. This resuls in expensive electric bills for the entire life of each light. In summary, the level of precision that goes into developing the Highland is of the upmost importance. The more precisely a spectrum pinpoints the most effective peaks for photosynthesis the less power it requires for the plant to grow.

The Future

This is why the Highland is capable of doing with a fraction of the watts that are typically required by traditional grow lights. With the Highland there is no need to sacrifice looks for performance. It’s effective, it’s beautiful – it’s the first luxury plant light.