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Money Tree Growing Guide

Money Tree Growing Guide

If you’re looking for an indoor tree that will add color, dimension, and a touch of tropical nature to your home, a Money Tree is a great option! While Money Trees, also known as the Guiana Chestnut, can be grown outdoors, our growing guide will focus on how to plant your tree indoors so you can easily maintain care throughout the changing seasons. Read on to learn about how to grow and support a Money Tree in your home! money tree

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Growing Patterns

Money Trees can naturally grow up to 60 feet tall in the wild! In your home, however, you can expect your Money Tree to reach a maximum height of 8 feet. It is uncommon for plant owners to buy Money Tree seeds and plant them from scratch, so you can likely find a young Money Tree that is ready to be brought home in a nursery. You can expect your Money Tree to grow extremely quickly once you bring it home, sprouting up to 24 inches each year! As far as exactly how big this tree gets, you can control the size of your tree by pruning and repotting (the more you prune and repot, the bigger your tree will get; if you want it to stay the size it is, there is no need to repot).


Money Trees need frequent, thorough watering to live healthily. They prefer frequent, deep watering, but overwatering can be fatal, so stick to this rule of thumb: when the top inch or two inches of the soil is dry, it is time to water again! Although a lot of water is needed, make sure your tree is never sitting in a pool of water; this can be avoided by making sure your planter has plenty of holes for drainage and air circulation. Typically, your Money Tree will need less frequent watering in the fall and winter months when growth is slower and more watering in the warmer spring and summer months as growth accelerates.


Fertilizing your Money Tree can help encourage more leaves to sprout and your plant to continue growing tall. When tree growth is the most rapid in the summer and spring, a water-soluble fertilizer should be used once per month. During the colder growing seasons, using fertilizer once every two months is sufficient due to the decreased rate of growth your tree will naturally experience.


Your Money Tree will thrive with exposure to bright, indirect light. It is important to avoid exposure to direct light as this could scorch their leaves. East-facing windows are typically a good location for plants that need indirect light as the sun directly enters during the morning when the rays are not very strong, preventing intense direct exposure later in the day. If you don’t have an east-facing window or would prefer to use your Money Tree to bring life into a darker room, consider buying a grow light. The Large 40W Aspect from Soltech Solutions is an LED grow light that provides an artificial alternative to sunlight for your plant. Having a grow light allows you to place your plant anywhere in the home, not restricting your interior decorating to accommodate specific window placement for your plant babies. A great feature of the Aspect Growlight is that it has a sophisticated, modern appearance and can easily be used for plants that need any amount of light as it is adjustable.

Temperature and Humidity

Native to Central and South America, Money Trees must live in warm temperatures, ideally ranging from 65°-80°F. Also, be sure to keep them away from drafty windows or doors because exposure to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can be damaging to the growth of your tree. Regarding humidity, Money Trees will require a bit extra effort in the winter months to maintain a higher humidity when indoor air is dry. When it is particularly dry inside, consider placing your tree on a humidity tray filled with pebbles and water; this helps increase evaporation and therefore creates humidity surrounding your tree. Throughout the entire year, however, humidity should still be maintained by using a mister on your tree regularly or purchasing a small humidifier.


Make sure that regardless of the planter you choose for your Money Tree, it has ample drainage holes! Here are a few of our suggestions based on what size you are hoping for your tree to grow. money tree

Loop Hanging Planter

The Loop Hanging Planter is a great first pot for your Money Tree. With 360° drainage, you will never have to worry about your tree standing in water, which is greatly important for the health of your trees. If you don’t want your Money Tree to grow much larger than Bonsai size, you can keep it in this planter for the entirety of its life! We also love that this planter is made completely of recycled milk jugs and comes in six colors to match any home’s interior. money tree

Francine Pot Planter

For a mid-sized Money Tree, consider the Francine Pot Planter from Wayfair. This planter has a classic style that will match most interiors and not detract attention from your beautiful tree! The ceramic pot is sturdy and has drainage holes to ensure water circulation. If your Money Tree grows out of this planter and needs to be repotted, make sure to only use this indoors as it is not weather resistant. money tree

Tall Planter

If you want your Money Tree to grow up to its full indoor height of 6-8 feet tall, a large planter is best. This indoor/outdoor tall planter from Amazon provides ample room and stability for roots to grow. It is lightweight, weather-resistant, has drainage holes, and is beautifully modern -- what else could you ask for! Sources: