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Mother's Day Gift Guide For Your Plant-Loving Mom

Mother's Day Gift Guide For Your Plant-Loving Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we have some amazing gift ideas for the mom you’re celebrating. Let us help you spoil the woman that you love so dearly with some memorable and heartfelt gifts. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve curated the 8 best gifts for plant-loving moms in this mother's day gift guide to show just how much we appreciate them!

Interior Décor Aspect Grow Light

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Soltech Solutions

Give mom the gift of endless opportunities with a grow light! She will be amazed at how seamlessly this light blends into her décor and cherish the ability to bring some natural greenery indoors! These grow lights are great for any indoor plant; from coffee beans to lavender, from snake plants to fruiting trees, her plants will thrive under this grow light and she will treasure her indoor garden for years to come.

Resin Flower Necklace

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For moms who love to accessorize, a pressed flower is the perfect jewelry/flower collab! These made-to-order necklaces allow you to choose the shape, chain length, and most importantly the type of flower to be pressed in the necklace. You can even send in a specific flower you know mom loves for an extra touch of personalization.

“Root for Each Other” Sweatshirt

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Wholesome Culture

We love this uplifting sweatshirt that, of course, features a beautiful variety of potted plants. Mom will enjoy getting cozy in her plant-themed sweatshirt while spreading positivity with an adorable plant pun! This option is from Wholesome Culture, a shop that plants a tree for every purchase made and donates some of its profits to environmental organizations. Check it out!

Succulent Set

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Mountain Crest Gardens

Succulents are timeless in the plant community because of their fun shapes, minimal care, and the fact that they live for years on end! Mountain Crest Gardens has an extensive number of succulent assortments to pick from online. Gifting mom an assortment of succulents gives her the chance to get creative with the plants; she can arrange them as a centerpiece or scatter them around the house for a touch of joy in each room! Whatever she chooses, she’ll love the beautiful colors and unique shapes each succulent provides.

Practical Botany for Gardeners Book

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Pistils Nursery

If your mom loves to read, or maybe just wants to brush up on her botanical knowledge, this book will definitely pique her interest. Featuring over 3,000 botanical terms paired with illustrations, any question or curiosity mom may have can be explored with this book. For moms who are always looking for tips on how to up their gardening game or just need a single point of reference for all gardening concerns, this book is a great find!

Carry-All Garden Stool

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Gardening moms will be thrilled over this canvas garden tool bag that doubles as a stool! While gardening is a relaxing pastime for many, it can require a lot of tools and even more energy! This bag is the perfect storage spot for all gardening needs and will make it easy for mom to access any and all tools in the garden. It also folds out to release legs, creating a sturdy stool to rest on while tending to the plants. This two-in-one gift is sure to make gardening an exclusively relaxing time for mom.

Garden Gloves

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Uncommon Goods

One tool that mom can never have enough of is gardening gloves. These arm-protecting garden gloves from Uncommon Goods are not only stylish but are durable and long enough to keep dirt, insects, and thorns out of the way. They are lightweight and machine washable, so we know mom will take full advantage of having these gloves on hand this spring and summer!

Glow & Grow Herb Kit

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The Sill

Soy candle? Check. Herb kit? Check. Ceramic planter? Check! This herb kit from The Sill starts off as a candle and comes with all the elements you need to turn that vessel into a planter when the candle burns down. You can pick between 4 seed types (daisy, basil, aloe, and spruce) that each pair a uniquely scented 12-ounce candle. Mom will love her new candle, but won’t be too sad when it burns out because that's when she gets to plant a new herb!