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The Top 5 Online Plant Delivery Services in 2021

The Top 5 Online Plant Delivery Services in 2021

With 2020 and 2021 being years of contactless delivery, it only makes sense for you to be curious about online plant delivery services as well. Plants are very resilient, but up to a certain point. They are not immune from poor shipping and handling, so it is important to learn which companies are the most reliable, quickest, and best bang for your buck around. Having plants shipped to your house or apartment will save you time. Instead of spending your free time going to stores to get your plants, you can spend more time caring for and designing your indoor garden.

Why do I need plants delivered to my home?

Delivery can be more convenient for everyone. Modern times show that people are busier and busier. This means that to be efficient in building your indoor garden you have to manage your time well. Residential walls are the new trend with indoor gardens. As you can see in the Pros and Cons of Indoor Plant Walls blog, it takes a lot of plants to fill up the wall. It can be difficult finding enough plants to fill your wall, so delivery can help cut the time searching and allow for you to build that green wall faster. With all of this in mind, here are the best 5 online plant delivery services the internet has to offer.

Greenery NYC

online plant delivery services

Greenery NYC offers delivery 6 days a week to nearly anywhere in New York City sourced via

This is a great company to get plants from. Based out of New York City, Greenery NYC prides itself on providing beautiful plants and the knowledge for how to properly care for them. It is family run with a goal of providing quality plants and service to allow you to cultivate your our indoor sanctuary. If you live in the Big Apple, you probably know how difficult it can be to get deliveries, especially same day. Greenery NYC is based out of Brooklyn and offers delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens starting from $20. They can deliver outside of New York City on occasion as well. Along with their delivery, Greenery NYC can assist with the care of the plants through their highly trained horticultural staff.

Home Depot

online plant delivery services

Home Depot has a vast selection of plants and flowers to choose from sourced via

The next delivery service on this list may surprise you. Home Depot, known for its hardware and home appliance more than its plants, is an underrated option in the plant delivery industry. They have an option for free delivery to your home which is hard to beat. If you have ever gone to Home Depot, you’ll understand the disappointment you feel when you find the aisle for the item you want, but it is out of stock. Now with the ability to deliver to your home, Home Depot has taken away that stressful aspect of shopping and allows you to browse and select a plant from the comfort of your own home.


online plant delivery services

Bloomscape emphasizes quick delivery to ensure the plant stays healthy as long as possible Sourced via

Bloomscape is another fantastic option when it comes to online plant delivery services. The company comes from 5 generations of greenhouse workers, dedicated to providing high quality shipping to your door. On average, shipped plants spend about 4 weeks in travel to then sit in a warehouse. All this movement and sitting inside likely does damage to the plant, thus compromising the longevity of the plant’s survival. Bloomscape keep their plants in a greenhouse with proper moisture, temperature, and water. It will then be directly shipped to your home in 3-4 days meaning they arrive healthy and ready to thrive in your home. And what better way to treat your new plants than with a Vita grow light from Soltech? This light is an LED grow light bulb that can fit nearly any fixture while giving off warm white ambient light. Don’t let the good work done by Bloomscape go unappreciated by not giving your plant the best they need to not only survive but to thrive.

The Sill

The Sill brick and mortar location in New York City sourced via

The Sill was founded on the premise that plants make people happy. There's something in the simple act of being around, and caring for, plants that boosts our spirits and enhances our environments. It’s actually been established that every exposure to nature—from gardening to forest bathing to just sharing space with organic elements—mitigates the modern condition, that stressed-out state we find ourselves in all too often. They offer new ways to infuse this restorative beauty into as many everyday rituals as possible, through biophilic design that increases your connection to the natural world. The Sill has a wide variety of plants that ship all across the country. They are one of the top online plant delivery services. One of the leaders in the plant industry, The Sill also sells Soltech Solutions growlights.

The Bouq’s Company

online plant delivery services

The Bouq’s Company is one of the best ways to ship flowers, either to your home or a loved one sourced via

Bouq’s is a store that offers a wide range of plants, from orchids and flowers to succulents and money trees, your needs will be met. Alongside a $12 weekday delivery fee it is another great option to consider when looking into online plant delivery services. There is also the option for same day delivery. Bouq’s partners with farmers who use sustainable growing methods to promote sustainability. This leads to fresher and healthier flowers being delivered to your doorstep. Founded in 2012 in Marina del Rey, this company wants to ensure that your plants get to your home as quickly and safely as possible. A subscription to the website also offers a 30% discount on all products in the store.