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Positive Effects Of Indoor Plants On Mood - Happiness Grows on Trees!

Positive Effects Of Indoor Plants On Mood - Happiness Grows on Trees!

Incorporating plants into your home and workspace will blossom the boundaries of your life. There is an extensive list of positive effects of indoor plants on mood and outlook on life. The presence of flourishing plants creates a sense of self satisfaction that boosts a person’s happiness.

Indoor Plants Create A Soothing Effect In Your Home

Similarly, plants in the household can create a soothing effect, making a person feel safe and secure. This reduces stress and anxiety, which could contribute to depression. And on that note, plants, especially brightly colored flowers, can reduce the effects seasonal depression plays on a person during the winter months. With plants around the home, a person will experience a boost in their happiness and give the person an optimistic outlook on life. In addition to providing a happiness boost at home, plants also offer benefits when placed in a work environment.

Indoor Plants Can Help Boost Productivity

Testing shows that by having plants in a person’s work space can boost productivity and increase attentiveness. This results in work being completed faster and more efficiently, benefiting both the employee and employer. Sometimes the simplest of changes can have the most meaningful impacts on a person’s life.

There is also research showing that having a bright light in the home for your plants, in the form of an LED Grow Light can also help fight seasonal affective disorder, meaning that lamp will help both you and your plants together! Choose a better quality of life.